Most employees at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant reported to work as usual Tuesday, despite the government shutdown that’s occurred.

They were expecting to continue to report to work, at least for the immediate future.

The so-called government shut-down which went into effect Tuesday resulted from an impasse between the Republican-controlled House and the Democrat-controlled Senate over passing a budget for the new federal fiscal year.

While most McAAP employees were at work today, things were different for some McAAP tenants, including the McAlester Defense Ammunition Center. Only a few workers were reported on duty at DAC, in case of an emergency situation.

Meanwhile, around 1,250 of the approximately 1,500 workers at McAAP were on duty Tuesday, said McAAP spokesman Kevin Jackson.

Most of the 250 who were not at work Tuesday were from DAC, according to Jackson.

Jackson attributed the fact that most of McAAP’s work force has continued reporting for duty a couple of reasons. One is that McAAP operates under an Army working capital fund.

“In the selling of our products and services, we generate income, and the income pays our salaries,” Jackson said. “The Army doesn’t have to pay our salaries.”

Since Congress doesn’t have to appropriate funds for most McAAP salaries, most workers are expected to continue reporting for work, as usual.

In addition, the bomb production at McAAP and its support activities are considered essential services, Jackson noted.

Other parts of McAAP remained in operation because they also are considered essential services, such as the Occupational Health Clinic at the base.

The child care development center at McAAP is also expected to remain open.

“The care center is essential because our employees depend on child care when they come to work,” Jackson said.

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