McAlester Public Schools Administration Building

McAlester Public Schools Superintendent Randy Hughes sent the following regarding the school's distance learning plan:

To our Buffalo families:

Our administrators, teachers and instructional support staff are working hard to develop a continuous Distance Learning Plan that will help our students finish the school year strong. As you can imagine, this planning has presented its own set of trials, as most of it has occurred digitally or at a distance so we can protect ourselves just as you are at home. We will meet the challenge, however, because that’s what we do as Buffaloes. Our students deserve a learning plan that will help them grow academically this spring, and that is what we are determined to give them.

We know you and your child have many questions about what the remainder of the school year will be like. The purpose of this letter is to share what we know and to ask you for your help as we prepare for this significant transition. While this is not how we expected to end the school year, we believe our Distance Learning Plan will allow us to keep students on track, while also protecting what is most important – their health and well-being.

A change of this magnitude will not occur without bumps in the road; however, with your help, I am confident we can offer the best services possible for our students. There are several ways that you can help us at this time:

Contact Information – Please contact your child’s school to ensure we have the most up-to-date phone number, email, and address on file for your family. This will be important so that we can communicate often.

Technology – We know some students may need assistance with access to technology devices and Internet access. We are working to help fill this gap for students. We sent out a survey trying to find out who has a device, who has connectivity to the Internet and who does not. Please get in contact with your child’s principal to confirm your child’s technology status.

Office Hours – The school building is going to be closed for the rest of the year. If you need something from your child’s school that is essential, please call the school and leave a message or send a message by email. The principal will be getting back with you to set up an appointment. We are happy to assist you on a one-on-one basis so it is safe for you and members of our staff. Please remember, under orders from the governor and the mayor, non-essential travel outside of the home is unnecessary. We consider getting medications from the school as necessary and essential. A student wanting to get books or belongings that are in their locker is not necessary at this time. We will be getting more information after the April 30th to allow locker cleanout or students to pick up their supplies.

Extra-curricular activities - All extracurricular activities will be canceled for the remainder of the year. There will be no practices or gathering of students or personnel until further notice. All facilities will be closed.

Seniors – All seniors will be provided coursework to enable them to receive credit in order to graduate. A senior will be working on the classes necessary for graduation.

Graduation – We are planning to have some type of ceremony. Currently, we are thinking about a virtual / drive-by ceremony. Details will be coming.

Grading – A hard copy of the student’s grade as of March 13th will be made and placed in the student’s file. There will be twelve lessons during this distance learning period. All teachers from Puterbaugh through high will be using the same format to calculate the student’s final grade. Work completed during the distance learning period can only help a student.

Concurrent Classes & Career Tech – Students will need to contact the college, university and/or the career tech in which they taking the classes to receive instructions on how to proceed.

Office Hours – Every teacher will have a specific time for Google Meeting to assist our students and or parents in the understanding of our lessons. Questions can be addressed or answer via text messaging also. We are asking our teacher to respond as quickly as possible.

Technology devices – We will be working to get devices out to every student who can use one. We are starting with the Seniors and begin working out way down.

Connectivity – We are working to get connectivity. We understand that hot spots are in short supply and heavy demand. We are doing our best to get hot spots for our students.

Other Resources – Please visit our website at for information about free breakfast and lunch for all children, as well as for resources regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our teachers and staff, we will resume services to students on April 6, 2020 using our Distance Learning Plan. We understand this ongoing instruction cannot be delivered through a one-size-fits-all approach. We hope as you read the information below you can see how we are working to help meet the needs of all students:


There will be two types of Distance Learning: Virtual or Packets

Virtual: Students who will be virtually learning will receive class assignments by going on the your teachers Google Classroom. You can find this by going on to our website:, Click on campuses and scroll down to find your child’s school, Click on your child’s school, click on Faculty Directory and scroll down to find the teacher. There you will be able to find your child’s classroom assignment for that teacher.

Google Classroom: Students ranging from 2nd grade through High School will be using Google Classroom to retrieve lessons.

Seesaw: The Seesaw platform will deliver lessons to our Pre K – 1st grade students.

Packets: The same work that is retrieved virtually will be made into packets. This information will be delivered or available to be picked up. We are striving to deliver the packets (upon verification of parent) and depending on the availability of staff to deliver packets. Teachers will have the information in the packet of how the delivery of the completed work will be achieved. For the safety of our staff, packet work will not be picked up unless arrangements have been made through the teacher and principal. Packets will not be delivered unless contact has been made. If a parent or student has not been contacted by the teacher or principal of a school, please contact the school to update your contact information.

New Assignments for Students: We will have new assignments twice per week. Monday and Wednesday for Early Childhood and Elementary (PreK- 6) Tuesday and Thursday for Puterbaugh and MHS (Grades 7-12)

Methods of Communication:

Google Meet: Google Meet will allow you and/or your child to have a virtual face-to-face meeting or interaction with the teacher.

Google Voice: Text messaging system that allows you to text/interact with your teacher.

We believe elementary students learn best when they have the opportunity to experience hands-on activities. Our teachers are developing lessons that align with state learning standards in each grade level. While some of the options will include online resources, most will only require the materials you commonly have in your home.

Pre K through 1st Grade

Lessons will be delivered through Seesaw or by packets.

Two lessons per week per subject.

Teachers will set up a daily time on Google Meet for face to face interaction or text message dialogue.

2nd through 6th Grade Lessons will be delivered through Google Classroom or by packets.

Two lessons per week per subject.

Teachers will set up a daily time on Google Meet for face to face interaction or text message dialogue.

7th and 8th GradeAll students who have a device or wish to use a device will be accommodated.

Lessons will be delivered through Google Classroom or by packets.

There will be two lessons per week

All classes will have lessons.

Teachers will set up a daily time on Google Meet for face to face interaction or text message dialogue.

High School Learning PlanAll students who have a device or wish to use a device will be accommodated.

Lessons will be delivered through Google Classroom or by packets.

There will be two lessons per week.

There will be a class available for credit needed.

Teachers will set up a daily time on Google Meet for face to face interaction or text message dialogue.


Teacher expectations:

Two meaning lessons a week. Lessons are not designed to be busy work but key components of the objective you are teaching.

Contact your students everyday.

Teaches will hold three hours a day of what we are calling “Office Hours”.

Everyday Teachers are expected establish a Google meet time where students can get on and interact Face to Face with the teacher.

Teachers are to have two other hours designated to answer questions by phone or text messaging. We DO NOT want the teachers giving out personnel cell number to students and parents. We will be using Google Voice. In you first message out, please let them know this will be the way to ask questions if they cannot get on the Google Meet.

Research and share resources with students and parents that will help them achieve in your class.

Special Education Plan     IEP meetings must continue.  The meetings can be virtual using Google Meet or by      phone      using a conference call feature.  Special Education teachers will be making      contacts to set      up the meetings that include all members of the IEP team. Signatures will      be obtained in      a way decided by the IEP team, EdPlan digital, dochub, photo, etc. If      parents request, a meeting be postponed until a face to face meeting can be set, a written notice will be documentation explaining the parent request. 

Evaluations that have signed consent and do not need face-to-face contact will continue with communication with the parent continuing throughout. Evaluations that require face-to-face assessment or observations will be postponed with the consent of the parent. Contacts and decisions will be documented in parent contacts and on a written notice. 

IEP teachers will be in constant contact with parents regarding their students, concerns, and services. The district will use the IEP School Closure Tracking Template to track services, contacts, and develop a distant learning plan for students with the collaboration of the parents/guardians of the student. 

Lessons will be delivered in the same manner as described above per site.  Weekly Google Meet times will be established to give the students time to meet with their teacher. Teachers will work with the general education teachers to provide accommodations, modifications, and alternative work based on the student’s needs and IEP goals. 

OT and PT services.

OT and PT services will be held in the best possible way dependent on the parent’s ability and agreed upon. Services may be provided virtually, with home packets, learning menus, and with phone contact to help parents with questions or support. When students return to traditional brick and mortar school, IEP teams will meet to determine the needs of the student at that time and additional needs or services including compensatory services. 

Child Nutrition Feeding Program

School districts are at their best when the community works together, and now is the perfect time for us to shine. Parent/Guardians, while our faculty and staff will be leading the way, we know you will be encouraging, supporting and teaching your child side-by-side with us. We miss our students terribly, but we are trying to make the best of the situation for everyone. If you have not been contacted by your child’s teacher or principal, please contact your school and leave your contact information.

Thank you for helping us rise to this challenge. We could not do it without you.

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