A scuffle with a state representative at the Southeast Expo Center during recovery efforts ended with one man jailed and charged, then he and his crew of seven being sent away.

Dallas Green, 54, was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and battery for a scuffle involving state Rep. Terry Harrison.

According to a statement he gave to the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department, Harrison said he had been touring the area with Gov. Brad Henry to look at damage from the ice storm. When the group stopped at the Southeast Expo Center, where a number of volunteers, contractors and emergency personnel were staged, Harrison, his father and Reserve Deputy Ricky Wall went away from the main group and approached a specialized trailer on the south side of the Expo Center.

Harrison said he went to the trailer to see if he could offer any assistance to the people working on it and that Green cussed him and attacked him almost as soon as he walked onto the trailer. Harrison said he had his hands in his pockets right up until he was attacked.

Green tells a different story.

He said he was on the phone, having a cup of coffee and trying to clear his head after getting about five hours sleep in two days, when he saw three men approaching. Two went toward the front of his specialized 8-by-53-foot trailer and the third came to the back and got up on the trailer itself. According to Green, when he asked the man in the black leather jacket to get down “He just kind of ignored me and acted aloof, then started to walk past me.

“You’ve got to understand, this is a small space, with equipment on both sides, so I put up my hand to stop him and he slapped my hand down.

“I was just bewildered. Who was this guy, what was he doing and what was wrong with him?”

Harrison’s statement does not say he introduced himself or explained to the caterer why he was on the trailer.

Green said he lifted his arm again and the man, later identified as Harrison, threw him from the trailer, but he grabbed Harrison as he fell. According to Green, he landed on his hands and knees and Harrison was above him, hitting him in the back of the head.

“The two gentlemen who were with him pulled him off and I grabbed a broom to defend myself,” Green said. “I didn’t know who the guy was, what was wrong with him or why he’d been on my trailer or anything.”

There are no witness statements to back up Green’s comments on who was the aggressor.

He was arrested for assault, charged and released on $500 bond, but he said that was far from the end of his troubles.

“At about 9 o’clock that night, they told us to pack it up, that we wouldn’t be able to work anymore,” he said, adding his crew returned to Weatherford long before they’d planned to — and long before recovery efforts were over.

“That hurts everyone,” he said.

“I felt like the deputy had already made up his mind on who was wrong before he ever took witness statements,” Green said.

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