A former assistant district attorney who became known in the McAlester area when she prosecuted cases connected to the beating death of 2-year-old Ryan Luke has been indicted by the state multicounty grand jury.

An indictment unsealed in Oklahoma County District Court on Monday accused former assistant district attorney Janet Bickel of lying when she said she did not buy illegal methamphetamine at courthouses in Muskogee and Tahlequah.

The indictment against Bickel was one of two unsealed before Judge Noma D. Gurich in Oklahoma City. She was accused of two counts of perjury.

Another indictment accused Artest Vyrl Keeter, administrator of the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office, of two perjury counts.

Bickel resigned earlier this month as assistant district attorney in Cherokee County. She was expected to be released on $1,000 bond on each of the charges.

Her attorney, Donn F. Baker, said Bickel would plead innocent to the charges contained in Monday’s unsealed indictment.

He said Bickel would be in district court in Wagoner County today, where more indictments are expected to be unsealed. “We don’t know what this case in Wagoner is (about),” Baker said.

The indictments unsealed on Monday accuse Bickel and Keeter of “feloniously, willfully and unlawfully” offering statements they knew to be untrue when called to testify before the state grand jury.

Bond was set at $1,000 on each of two perjury counts against Keeter.

One indictment said Bickel testified falsely under oath that she has “never purchased, received or otherwise obtained an illegal controlled dangerous substance for her personal use.”

Attorney General Drew Edmondson said the indictment alleges Bickel, 49, “purchased methamphetamine on numerous occasions and at various locations, including at the Muskogee and Cherokee County Courthouses when she was working as an assistant district attorney in those counties.”

The indictment said Bickel, after appearing before the grand jury, said she was not going to tell defense attorneys Baker and Rex Earl Star “about the fact that I perjured myself.”

Baker said the defense had scientific evidence to prove that Bickel’s accuser is lying about delivering an illegal drug to his client at the courthouse in Tahlequah.

He said an analysis of Bickel’s hair showed she had not taken an illegal drug during the period when the alleged crime occurred in 2005. “We are going to be able to prove that did not happen,” Baker said.

He said his client did not know the woman when an alleged delivery was made in Muskogee, where Bickel previously served as an assistant district attorney.

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