Sunday fire

Emergency responders work to extinguish a house fire on Van Buren Avenue on Sunday night in McAlester.

Marcus Scott and Robert Figueroa said they drove by a house fire Sunday night in McAlester and hurried to help a man on the porch as ammunition sounded and sparks flew.

The two helped the man to safety as flames grew at the house on Van Buren Avenue in McAlester on Sunday night as emergency responders arrived to control the fire.

"We pulled him off (the porch) and things were exploding and exploding," Figueroa said. He said the man told him there were "oxygen tanks and bullets" in the house.

Emergency responders with the McAlester Fire Department and McAlester Police Department arrived soon to block off the area and suppress the fire.

Scott said the man told them his wife was not at home and he was the only one in the home at the time.

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