Hartshorne street races back again

ADRIAN O'HANLON III | Staff file photoAnother H-Town Throw Down street racing event is set for Saturday.

Mike Angeli grew up racing on Juniper Street in Hartshorne and is glad he can now do it legally.

The Hartshorne native is the race master for the H-Town Throw Down set for Saturday on the street and said the event is great fun for locals who want to

“It’s a huge community event,” Angeli said. “It’s a great event to bring your family out to. It’s definitely family-friendly and a lot of family fun.”

Angeli said children 12 years old and younger can enter for free and general admission is $10.

Proceeds from the event go back to the city of Hartshorne to help restore community properties. A previous event raised about $7,000 for the city.

Angeli said this year’s field of racers will be coming from Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi and more — what he believes is a sign that the event is growing.

“We've got a bunch of dudes coming from Texas, big name guys that do this every weekend and win a lot of money,” Angeli said. “And they’re coming here because they heard what a great event that it is.”

The event has several classes, including Call-Outs/Grudge Class, Trick Turbo Tail Gate Class, Naturally Aspirated Class, Big Tire Class, Small Tire Class, True Street Class, and Daily Driver Class.

Drivers must register and have their vehicle undergo a tech inspection. Anyone younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and sign a waiver. Drivers and crew members must have a wrist band on at all time. Pit crew members in the pit pass area must sign a liability waiver.

Vehicles must have a working seatbelt or harness, no major leaks, air conditioning units must be shut off prior to racing, no mud or first on undercarriage, no loose parts, truck beds must be empty, battery must be secured, no dry rot or belts showing on tires. Drivers can’t wear open heel or open toed shoes and are not allowed to have passengers while racing.

“If there's any movement of the tire prior to the flashlight coming on, that is a jump and you're disqualified,” Angeli said. “Cross is a loss, which means if any part of your tire crosses the centerline, you're out.”

More rules for each class and more information can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Drugs and fighting are not allowed at the event.


Call-Outs/Grudge Class Rules: $35

General race requirements apply

Any size tires

Approved helmet required

No passengers

Seat belts must be in working order and worn

Battery must be secured

No major leaks

Must operate under its own power to and from the street and pits before and after the pass. If you need to push or pull let us know.

Call-out races will take place throughout the day.

Call-out races will line up in front of each other if possible.

Trick Turbo Tail Gate Class Rules: $150

General race requirements apply

Must have came factory with a tailgate.

No tube chassis

Any tire size

Naturally Aspirated Class: $150

General race requirements apply.

No power adders (Nitrous, pro-charger, blower, turbo, etc.).

No nitrous bottles allowed, plate may be present, but lines must be capped and/or solenoids removed.

No plexiglass, parachutes, wheelie bars, or tube frames.

Aftermarket K member, frame connectors, traction bars, and Cal tracs allowed.

Must operate under it owns power to and from the street and pits before and after the race.

Big Tire Class – Entry $250

Must start from driver’s seat.

Small Tire Class – Entry $200

No Tube Chassis

12” wheel max, 29x10.5 NON W

No wheelie bars

True Street Class – Entry $150

Working head lights, brake lights, tag and insurance.

10” max wheel, 28x10.5 NON W

Factory glass windshield/NO LEXAN

25-mile cruise

Twins allowed

2 Stages Allowed

Daily Driver Class – Entry $100

Working head lights, brake lights, tag and insurance.

Single power adder

No trans brake (If transmission is equipped with it, the wires must be disconnected; if factory equipped it must be turned off; if caught using you will be disqualified)

Single power adder

All DOT Tires allowed, but restricted to a 10” wheel.

Max slick is 28x10.5 NON W

Factory location suspension

25-mile cruise

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