Fabrizio awarded Black & Gold scholarship; MHS seniors receive $2.6 million total

KEVIN HARVISON | Staff photoAnthony Fabrizio, a McAlester High School senior, received the Black and Gold Scholarship during a ceremony Monday at S. Arch Thompson Auditorium. The scholarship is awarded to MHS seniors involved with the school's student publication. McAlester News-Capital Publisher Ed Choate presented the award this year.

Anthony Fabrizio received the Black & Gold Communications Scholarship presented by the McAlester News-Capital during the McAlester High School’s senior assembly Monday at S. Arch Auditorium — where MHS seniors were awarded about $2.6 million in scholarships.

The McAlester High School senior was a member of McAlester’s student publication, which is produced by high school students and sponsored by the News-Capital. He plans to pursue a degree in film and said

“It’s definitely going to help go toward paying for that,” Fabrizio said. He added that he hopes to pursue a degree locally before pursuing a career in film.

Fabrizio will receive the $4,000 scholarship — which will be sent to the college or university of his choice — upon his enrollment.

The Black & Gold is a student news magazine written and photographed by McAlester High School students who work with the News-Capital staff.

Fabrizio said producing the student publication helped prepare him for a future in journalism.

Black & Gold students must submit two letters of recommendation and an essay on the importance of newspapers to be considered for the scholarship.

MN-C Publisher Ed Choate said community support of the Black & Gold magazine makes it possible to support students each year.

“Anthony is passionate about journalism and his dedication to his craft gives him a bright future in this industry,” Choate said. “This scholarship is made possible through support from the community, which as journalists, we will continue to serve.”

Seniors entered the auditorium Monday to the traditional graduation song before Principal Mendy Tubbs welcomed guests.

Valedictorian Carly Mills read a poem — “It Couldn’t Be Done,” by Edgar Guest — reminding MHS near-graduates they can do anything if they work to meet any goal.

Salutatorian Brooklyn Slater listed cliches, including “there’s no ‘I’ in team” and “it all comes down to this” — saying “however, it does not all come down to this,” and challenged fellow seniors to do great things after high school.

The following are scholarship winners recognized during the Monday ceremony:

Academic All-State Award: Carly Mills ($1,000)

Puterbaugh Mock Trial Scholarships: Jordyn Cook ($750), Carly Mills ($750), Trent Pickens ($850), Cellestte Bowden ($250)

Black & Gold Scholarship: Anthony Fabrizio ($4,000)

Shelter Insurance Scholarship: Alton Jones ($2,000)

Pittsburg County OSU Alumni Association Scholarship: Maddie Carr ($2,000), Jade Haynes ($2,000), Jordyn Cook ($500), Catherine Shields $500)

Oklahoma Academic Scholars: Brendan Justice, Dakota Matthew, Amanda Mills, Carly Mills, Hanna Patton, Angelica Vaughan, Micayla Walker, Kaden Webb

Brown University Questbridge National College Match Scholarship: Carly Mills ($295,968)

The Gates Scholarship: Carly Mills ($15,000)

Brynte O’Daniel Memorial Scholarship: Angelica Vaughan ($500)

Connors State Scholarship: Jordyn Cook ($14,820)

University of Oklahoma Scholarships: Brendan Justice ($2,400, $12,000), Connor Rice ($8,000) Garrison Watkins ($2,750), Kaden Webb ($8,000), Gabrielle Williams ($2,750)

OU Alumni Club of McAlester Scholarships: Kaden Webb ($800), Gabrielle Williams ($800), Brooklyn Slater ($800)

Life Master Key Future Leaders Scholarship: Gabrielle Williams ($10,000)

Few Family Foundation Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship: Emily Medrano ($1,000)

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Beta Iota Outstanding Youth Scholarship: Catherine Shields ($300)

Rotary Club Scholarships ($500 apiece): Maddie Carr, Samantha Donato, Evan Dozier, Alton Jones, Catherine Shields, Brooklyn Slater, Ethan Springer, Angelica Vaughan, Micayla Walker, Garrison Watkins

Pride in McAlester Scholarship: Dakota Matthews ($500)

McAlester Music Club Scholarship: Micayla Walker ($200)

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship: Catherine Shields ($500)

Chip-In Club Scholarship ($200 apiece): Trevor Spence, Brendan Justice

Texas Christian University Scholarship: Angelica Vaughan ($56,000)

Grand Canyon University Scholarship: Angelica Vaughan ($31,000)

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Scholarships: ($300 apiece) Ahmad Martin, Connor McCabe, Monty Merrell, Dakota See, Pamela Whitelance; ($450 apiece) Ashley Corcoran, Alyssa Darnell, Queen Johnson, Jaden McCarty, Jonathan Merrick, Hoa Nguyen, Ty Nohelty, Trace Santino, Matthew Schildt, Matthew Skinner, Brittany Villegas, Dannie Ward, Treasury Williams, Eyan Wortham; ($600 apiece) Grace Walters, Jillian Scroggins, Austin Dugan, Alondra Calderon; ($900 apiece) Joshua Layman, Cheryl Miller, Gabrielle Pate, Samantha Price, Conor Price; ($1,200 apiece) Hannah Williamson, Kalsey Cole, Grace Canella, Divina Benavente, Jacob Beaty; ($1,500 apiece) Evan Dozier, Jacob Lane, Emily Medrano, Amanda Mills, Trent Pickens

Oklahoma State University Scholarships: Mackenzie Cooke ($8,000), Jade Haynes ($4,000), Rebekah Nitzel ($8,000), Jaden Pierce ($8,000), Hanna Patton ($12,000; $4,000; $3,000), Elan Phan ($10,000)

Kiamichi Technology Center Scholarships ($2,100 apiece): Noah Benjamin, Christopher Bumgardner, Lucas Channon, Jaren Cook, Marissa Olsen

Michael James Engle Memorial Scholarship: Caleb McNutt ($4,000)

United States Army (up to $95,000): Matthew Schildt

United States Navy (up to $95,000): Shane Bethune, Zachary Borrenkott, Mackenzie Cooke, Chance Jameson, Christian Leedom, David Master, Jessica Master, Trenton Meadows, Jaden McCarty, Christian Parker, Abby Parish, Noah Thomas

Cheerleading Booster Club: Kalsey Cole ($200)

Carl Albert Award for Valedictorian: Carly Mills ($100)

Dr. Lucy Smith Scholarship for Salutatorian: Brooklyn Slater ($100)

Southeastern Oklahoma State College: Carly Mills ($2,000), Christian Campeau ($1,000), Brendan Justice ($1,000), Jillian Scroggins ($1,300), Kaden Webb ($1,300), Jaden McClish ($500; $4,000), Avery Mills ($500), Connor Rice ($500), Angelica Vaughan ($500), Isaac Palmer ($300), Casey Davis ($300), Brooklyn Slater ($300), Calee McNutt ($3,000; $2,590; $2,000), Micayla Walker ($2,250; $2,590; $2,000), Tanner Williamson ($2,000)

Carson Hackler Memorial Scholarship: Harley Carano ($250)

Italian Festival Scholarship: Alton Jones ($500)

University of Arkansas: Micayla Walker ($15,000)

McAlester Varsity Pom Scholarships ($250 apiece): Maddie Carr, Alizebeth Wallace, Hanna Patton, Harley Carano, Maya Vaughan

Garrison Fugitt Memorial Scholarship: Ty Nohelty ($2,000)

Kappa Kappa Iota Scholarship: Ty Nohelty ($200)

Eastern Oklahoma State College: Alton Jones ($4,000; $900), Kelbee Zachary ($20,000), Kaden Webb ($600), Brendan Justice ($600), Christian Campeau ($600)

American Red Cross Blood Services High School Young Minds Change Lives Scholarship: Garrison Watkins ($1,750)

McAlester High School Student Council Scholarship: Garrison Watkins ($500)

First Baptist Church of Canadian Claudia Jones Memorial Scholarship: Jordyn Cook ($4,000)

Fortnightly Clubs of General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Oklahoma Scholarship: Garrison Watkins ($500)

Northeastern State University: Calee McNutt ($6,400)

The University of Tulsa: Catherine Shields ($48,000)

Irma Combs Culp Memorial Scholarship: Carly Mills ($1,000)

Armed Forces Day Scholarship: Alton Jones ($750)

South McAlester Masonic Lodge #9 Senior Essay Contest: Breanna Haynes

Masonic Lodge #9 Student of Today Awards: Brendan Justice, Haylee Harden

The University of Central Oklahoma Scholarships: Harley Carano ($1,000), Ava Hayes ($1,000), Macie Kowals ($1,000), Cheryl Miller ($1,000), Jacob Miller ($1,000), Christian Paul ($500), Micayla Walker ($2,750)

Oral Roberts University: Evan Dozier ($40,000; $24,000; $7,9000); Breanna Haynes ($32,000; $28,000)

Canadian Valley Telephone Scholarship Award: Jordyn Cook ($2,700), Hayden Souther ($4,000)

Oklahoma Telephone Association Foundation: Hayden Souther ($750)

Wanda Bass Memorial Scholarship Main Street Organization: Maddie Carr ($500)

State FFA Degree: Breanna Haynes

McAlester FFA & 4-H Booster Scholarship: Breanna Haynes ($200)

Billy Ray Holt Memorial Scholarship: Maddie Carr ($500)

Oklahoma Baptist University Scholarships : Maya Vaughan ($9,000; $7,000; $2,000)

Wichita State University Scholarship: Dakota Matthews ($2,000; $45,000; $14,000)

Oklahoma city University School of Visual Arts: Jillian Scroggins ($3,000; $6,800; $12,000)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Jillian Scroggins ($50,400)

McAlester Chamber Foundation Scholarship: Evan Dozier ($500), Maddie Carr ($500)

Presentation of Oklahoma’s Promise Awards (up to $20,000): Jacob Beaty, Jaren Cook, Celleste Bowden, Ashley Corcoran, Jade Haynes, Tyler Hood, Liset Jaimes, Jaden McClish, Calee McNutt, Cheryl Miller, Carly Mills, Marissa Olsen, Hanna Patton, Elan Phan, Jaden Pierce, Anthony Yanez

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