An EagleMed helicopter made a precautionary landing at Latimer County General Hospital on Monday.

No injuries occurred during the landing, but an infant patient on-board was delayed in being transported to Tulsa for treatment.

“The patient had to be transported to the airport where it was picked up by Tulsa Life Flight,” said Pam Hirrill, Latimer County Emergency Management director.

The helicopter took off before turning around and making the emergency landing back at the hospital, Hirrill said.

“It was a standard, routine mechanical procedure to check a malfunctioning gauge,” EagleMed Spokesman Jim Gregory said.

EagleMed has had four helicopter crashes in Oklahoma in recent years — most recently a fatal crash killing pilot Matt Mathews and injuring crew members Ryan Setzkorn and Kim Ramsey. The crash occurred west of Eufaula on March 12.

Per Federal Aviation Administration definitions, an emergency landing is defined as any of the following:

— Forced landing. An immediate landing, on or off an airport, necessitated by the inability to continue further flight. A typical example of which is an airplane forced down by engine failure.

— Precautionary landing. A premeditated landing, on or off an airport, when further flight is possible but inadvisable. Examples of conditions that may call for a precautionary landing include deteriorating weather, being lost, fuel shortage, and gradually developing engine trouble.

— Ditching. A forced or precautionary landing on water.

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