He’s back on the payroll, so to speak, and is able to get health benefits the same as any city employee.

But the city’s not paying for it. Much.

Court documents filed in the Pittsburg County Courthouse indicate the city has agreed to put former City Attorney Wes Brown on the city’s retirement plan for $1 per month for the remainder of his lifetime.

That enables Brown and his wife, Emalie Ann Brown, to receive health insurance through the city’s health plan for $749.16 per month.

The city’s not responsible for paying the insurance premium, however. Instead, the Browns can pay the premium and could authorize the city to withdraw the payment directly from their checking account, according to court documents.

Wes Brown was the city attorney for 19 years before he resigned on June 15, 2005.

“He was on the city’s insurance plan, I remember that,” Assistant City Manager Bart Van Nieuwenhuise said Tuesday afternoon.

The court documents were signed by the Browns and current City Attorney Bob Ivester.

However, City Clerk Cora Middleton was unable Tuesday to find any record of city councilors authorizing Ivester to sign documents relating to the case.

“It may have been something they did in executive session,” Middleton said.

State law allows officials to discuss certain issues in executive session, but requires they come out of executive session before taking any action — including authorizing someone to sign a document on behalf of the city.

“I’m pretty sure there would have to be a document somewhere,” Van Nieuwenhuise said.

Brown did not return telephone calls from the McAlester News-Capital and Ivester did not respond to a request for more information.

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