The city of McAlester has a number of projects that are either underway or planned to begin during the current calendar year — with more capital improvement projects planned for the upcoming 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.

Major initiatives include storm water projects, reworking streets by adding new base and overlays, sewer line replacements and the addition of a major grit removal system at the city’s west sewer plant.

Recreational projects are also planned for this year.

“We have a need of about $27 million and we have a little over $3 million,” said City Manager Pete Stasiak.

Still, the city plans to do the best it can with the funds available.

“We have a lot of great things coming to the city, a lot of great projects,” Stasiak said.

Major initiatives include the Streetscape project along Choctaw Avenue, from South Main Street to Second Street. Stasiak said bids are currently going out for the project, which is part of the city’s plan to revitalize downtown.

Work is already underway on the planned Arvest Park, which will become the city’s newest park, at Second Street and Chickasaw Avenue. Arvest Bank donated the land to the city for use as a park. Additional improvements are planned at Chadick Park and at the city’s archery range.

Other plans include the addition of city sidewalks along parts of Strong Boulevard and bicycle lanes in various parts of the city.

“We have a lot of exciting projects coming up, all infrastructure-related,” Stasiak said.

A major infrastructure project concerns sewer line replacement at Connelly Addition.

“It was built around the time of World War II,” Stasiak said Tuesday night when presenting the plan to the McAlester City Council. Some of the existing lines are a hodgepodge of concrete and clay pipe. Stasiak is hoping the work will take care of what has been a trouble spot for the city.

A Community Development Block Grant will cover 2,200 feet of from 12-to-10-inch sewer line, with the city providing another 2,000 feet of eight-inch line.

Once work is completed, “We’re hoping we won’t have to go back for many, many years, Stasiak said.

East Miami Avenue is also set for sewer line improvements.

One of the major projects is to add a grit removal unit to the city’s West Sewer Plant.

“This is about a $750,000 project,” Stasiak said, adding that it’s expected to get underway during the upcoming 2019-2020 Fiscal Year. The grit removal unit is designed to capture items such as paper, plastic, rags and other debris and separate it from wastewater, which should add to the life and effectiveness of the treatment plant.

A water line replacement requires 2,000 feet of 16-inch line near the Kiamichi Technology Center.

Plans for a water line replacement at the McAlester Lake Dam are still in motion. Stasiak said some of the needed materials have already started arriving.

Work is also planned to get the city’s water pump station at Coal Creek up and running, so the city will have access to more than one source of water.

Community Services projects include the addition of new playground equipment at Thunderbird Park. Stasiak said about $30,000 worth of playground equipment has been added.

“We’re also going to put in a short zip line,” Stasiak said.

Upgrades are also planned at Connelly Park. Leadership McAlester has adopted the city park at B and Jefferson, with the addition of horseshoe pits at Chadick Park.

Plans also call for the installation of a new base and overlay on a number of city streets. Street projects, with overlays and base, include:

• Van Buren Avenue, between Third Street and Sixth Street.

• East Pierce Street, Strong West to bridge.

• Adams Avenue, from Main Street to First Street.

• Choctaw Avenue, from Fifth Street to Sixth Street.

• Central Avenue, from Ninth Street to the end.

• Seminole Avenue, between Fourth Street and Seventh Street.

• Wichita Avenue, from Sixth Street to Seventh Street.

• Osage Avenue, from Fourth Street to Seventh Street.

• Miami Avenue, from Main Street to Second Street.

• Indiana Avenue, from Fifth Street to Ninth Street.

• Tyler Avenue, from D Street to West Street.

• Washington Avenue, from A Street to D Street.

Storm water projects on the city manager’s list include:

• Indiana Avenue, between Fifth Street and Ninth Street — Tin horn replacement.

• Belmont and Preakness — New drainage pipe.

• West of Newton Circle — Drainage.

• Mill Avenue and North Main Street — Drain pipe replacement.

• 102 Saunier Way — Bank stabilization.

• Saunier Way, north side — Pipe replacement.

• Tenth Street and MacArthur Avenue — Bank stabilization.

• Hunter Park and Fourteenth Street — Repair of beaver slide.

• West Street — Box replacement.

Planned capital improvement projects planned for the coming 2019-2020 Fiscal Year include projects ranging from infrastructure needs to quality of life issues.

Stasiak presented the CIP plan to McAlester city councilors as part of a five-year plan the city manager is required to present prior to the beginning of each new fiscal year. Emphasis is on the upcoming 2019-2020 Fiscal Year, which begins July 1.

Projects are limited by the CIP funding the city has available.

City plans are set out by divisions, with Stasiak including equipment in the projections, which he called a “tool” to achieve the needed CIP results.

They include the following:

• Public works —$180,000 for a roll-off truck for solid waste; $35,000 for a pickup truck for the Streets Department; $30,000 for Public works projects improvements; $20,000 for a pre-warning lightning system; $20,000 for a message board with trailer, for use by the streets department.

Included in Public Works Division are the city’s streets department, engineering, facility maintenance, fleet maintenance, McAlester Municipal Airport, solid waste, recycling and the city landfill.

• Public utilities — $775,000 for grit removal at the city’s West Sewer Plant; $125,000 for Kiamichi waterline replacement; $500,000 for sewer improvements in the Green Meadows addition; $150,000 for sewer improvements on East Miami and $95,000 for a Community Development Block Grant Infrastructure project.

The Public Utilities Division includes the water treatment plant, the wastewater treatment plant and utility maintenance.

• Community Services — $61,600 for a new roof at the J.I. Stipe Center; $69,000 for Cemetery Road overlays; $35,000 for a CX15 Batwing Mower for the Land Maintenance Department; $18,000 for a scoreboard for the softball Complex and $10,500 for a ZeroTurn Riding Mower for the Softball Complex.

The city’s Community Services Division includes recreation, parks, land maintenance the Expo Center, cemetery, nutrition, recreation, senior citizens, Movies in the Park and the softball complex.

• McAlester Fire Department — $55,000 for the assistant fire chief’s vehicle; $54,125 for a replacement cab/chassis ambulance; $40,000 for medical equipment; $30,000 for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus equipment, known as SCBA packs, and $10,000 for bunker gear replacement.

Included in the Fire Department Division are fire fighters, the fire marshal’s office and EMTs.

• McAlester Police Department — $126,000 for police vehicles and equipment; $33,000 for an animal control truck and $22,500 for body cam replacement.

The McAlester Police Department includes McAlester police patrol; the detective division, animal control and dispatch.

• Community and Economic Development — $22,905 vehicle/equipment and $27,610 for a vehicle/equipment for the building inspector.

Included in the Community and Economic Development Division are Community Development, Code Enforcement and Building Inspection.

• Administration/Finance/City Clerk — $50,000 for security appliances; $40,000 for large ceiling fans at the Expo Center; $35,000 for a sound system at the Expo Center and $20,000 for a storage building at the Expo Center.

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