David Cantrell

David Cantrell

The kids are back in school! Now attention can be turned back to landscaping for the fall. Here are a few simple horticulture tips for the month of September and October

General Landscape:

• Watch for fall specials at garden centers and nurseries since fall is a great time for planting many ornamentals.

• Choose spring flowering bulbs as soon as available.

• Plant cool-season annuals like pansies, ornamental cabbage or kale, snapdragons and dusty miller when temperatures begin to cool.

• Watch for and control late infestations of tree webworms.

• Begin to reduce the amount of light on outside tropical houseplants by placing them under shade trees before bringing them indoors for winter.


• You have all of September to plant cool-season vegetables like spinach, leaf lettuce, mustard and radishes, and until the middle of September to plant rutabagas, Swiss Chard, garlic and turnips.


• Winter broadleaf weeds like dandelion will begin to emerge in late September, which is also the best time to control them with a 2,4-D type herbicide.

• If pre-emergent control of winter-annual weeds (henbit, chickweed, annual bluegrass, etc.) is desired in lawns, the application should be completed by the end of September.

• Plan to seed fescue or ryegrass as needed in shady areas in mid- to late-September. Fall is the best time to establish cool-season lawns.

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