Cannabis company, law firm donate wigs for children

JAMES BEATY | Staff photoHolding 10 children’s wigs donated by Buds Craft Cannabis Co. to The Wig Closet are, from left: Renee Malcom, of Buds; attorney Brecken Wagner, of the Wagner & Lynch Law Firm; Ashley Lerblance, of The Wig Closet; McAlester Mayor John Browne and James Monks, also of Buds.

A local cannabis business and a McAlester law firm have teamed up to hopefully make things a little better for children undergoing hair loss due to medical treatments or conditions.

Buds Craft Cannabis Co. in downtown McAlester and members of the Wagner & Lynch Law Firm donated $500 each to purchase 10 children’s wigs that were donated to The Wig Closet.

Ashley Lerblance, of The Wig Closet, stopped by to accept the donations. She plans to distribute the wigs as needed.

“It’s wonderful when we have the support of our community,” Lerblance said. “Having these kids’ wigs will be a game-changer.”

Lerblance is founder of The Wig Closet, inside the McAlester Regional Health Center. She donates wigs free of charge to those who need them due to hair loss that can result from chemotherapy or other medical treatments.

McAlester attorney Brecken Wagner said he and fellow attorney Blake Lynch were glad to help the community. He said they decided to assist with the donations after holding some conversations about the matter and they wanted to help in this way for a couple of reasons.

“Two things,” Wagner said. “It helps our local community and it helps little kids.”

Children and adults as well can lose hair due to some medical treatments or conditions, including in response to chemotherapy when undergoing treatments for cancer.

Hair loss can also be due to a condition known as alopecia, which can occur when an individual’s immune system erroneously determines hair follicles are foreign matter and launches attacks against them.

Lerblance said she would be glad to donate wigs to children for either reason. Wigs made specifically for girls and for boys are available.

Renee Malcolm and James Monks of Buds Craft Cannabis Co. at 306 E. Choctaw Ave. said they were glad to help.

“Every month we donate somewhere,” Monks said.

Malcolm said she’s glad Buds can assist in this way.

“I think it’s fantastic,” she said. “James comes up with great ideas for helping the community.”

McAlester Mayor John Browne stopped by to watch the wigs donation. Having a wig to wear when there’s a need can help make a child feel more self-confident, he said.

“I’m proud to be mayor of a city that has businesses like Buds and Wagner and Lynch,” Browne said. “They do this without asking for anything in return. It’s great when it benefits something as important as The Wig Closet.”

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