Council selects new city attorney

JAMES BEATY | Staff photoVice Mayor/Ward 2 Councilor Cully Stevens, left, and new McAlester City Attorney John Hammons, right, have a conversation following a meeting of the McAlester City Council.

McAlester's City Charter states the duties and responsibilities of the city attorney.

1. Who hires the McAlester city attorney?

The City Attorney shall be appointed or removed only by a majority vote of the City Council, not including vacant positions within the City Council.

2. What qualifications must the McAlester city attorney have?

The City Attorney shall be an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Oklahoma.

3. What are the city attorney's responsibilities?

The City Attorney shall serve as chief legal advisor to the City Council, the City Manager and all City departments, divisions, and other organizational units.

4. When does the city attorney represent the city?

The city attorney shall normally represent the City in all legal proceedings and shall perform any other duties prescribed by state law, by this Charter or by ordinance.

5. Who does the McAlester city attorney represent?

In all proceedings, under Section 3.02 of this Charter, the City Attorney shall represent only the City Council and not the City Manager, nor shall the City Attorney represent any entity with which the City contracts, any City employee or City Council member charged with or under investigation for a crime.

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