5 THINGS TO KNOW: How to participate in this year's virtual Ryan's Run

Jessica Gilliam

Pittsburg County Child Abuse Response Effort Executive Director Jessica Gilliam talks about this year's Ryan's Run event.

1 How will Ryan’s Run be held this year and what will it consist of?

The 25th Annual Ryan’s Run will be a virtual 5k run/walk this year. We also have a 1-mile fun run or walk that can be completed. Participants can complete the race anytime from May 23 through June 6.

2 Can participants use any course they want, and why?

This event allows participants to choose when and where they are going to complete the race. You can even race or walk on a treadmill. This will be the perfect event for families and friends to do together for a great cause.

3 How can someone enter Ryan’s Run this year?

You can enter the race by requesting a registration form by emailing mcalester_cac@sbcglobal.net. Once you complete your run or walk, you will fill in your time, t-shirt size and mail in with payment. Another option is to register online. You can go online to https://runsignup.com/Race/OKMcAlester/RyansRun5k. Once you complete your walk/run you will email your completed time with your address and phone number.

4 Can you tell us about PC-CARE?

PC-CARE stands for Pittsburg County Child Abuse Response Effort. We are the Child Advocacy Center dedicated to serving alleged child victims in Pittsburg County. The Child Advocacy Center is a child-friendly and safe place where children are taken when an investigation is being conducted. Child victims receive a joint response from a specialized team of child protective investigators, law enforcement investigators, forensic interviewers, pediatric medical expert in child physical and sexual abuse, therapist and child advocates. Another partner agency is the Pittsburg County District Attorney’s Office.

The Child Advocacy Center strives to lesson additional trauma that the child might experience as the investigation progresses. This helps the child from reliving their abusive experience multiple times. The goal is for everything to be done in one place at one time. This keeps the child victim from speaking to numerous people and being bounced from place-to-place. The main goal of PC-CARE is to promote healing and justice for victims of child abuse and their protective caregivers.

5 How important is Ryan’s Run in regard to funding PC-CARE?

There are no words to explain how important Ryan’s Run is to the Center. Ryan’s Run is the annual fundraiser that supports the lack of funding received by the state. The Child Advocacy Center is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization. The Child Advocacy Center would not be able to keep the doors open and serve children in our community without the sponsors and participants that we have had throughout the years. If the county did not have PC-CARE, our children would have to travel to Tulsa or Oklahoma City for services. All of Pittsburg County citizens are stake holders and the center belongs to our community. It takes us all to give our children the best we can and to care for them right here at home.

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