TO DO THIS WEEKEND: Street races to raise money for Hartshorne

File photoRacers will again compete in the H-Town Throwdown street races this Saturday in Hartshorne .

Hartshorne Mayor Ashley Faulkner details the upcoming H-Town Throwdown races.

1. What is planned for the upcoming street racing event?

There are 5 classes for the street racing to include Daily Driver, True Street, Tailgate, Small Tire and Big Tire. If interested in rules and regulations please check our Facebook page “H-Town Throw Down” or contact Mike Angeli 918-429-4250.

Power Wheels Races will be at noon, so must be registered by noon. Entry is $10, Ages 4-10 year old may participate, race is 60 ft, must remain battery powered (no voltage limit), any tire allowed, kids must have helmet, wheelie bars allowed, no chassis power wheels allowed. Group of racers out of Memphis, TN called the Memphis 10 has added $500 dollars to the Power Wheels winning pot.

Trunk or Treat in the Pits will begin after the first round of street races. This is a popular part of the event in the past with great turnout from racers bringing candy to having so many kids fill the pits during the Trunk or Treat.

2. How can people participate in the trunk or treat and the kids power wheel race?

Due to limited space in the pits for parking, we can not add anyone who wants to setup to give out candy. However, we encourage everyone to come to the races and bring kiddos dressed up or not bring a sack or bucket to trick or treat.

Power Wheels kids need to be registered by Noon. As soon as registration closes up, Power Wheels drivers meeting will take place and races will begin. Entry fee is $10.

3. What kind of COVID-19 precautions are in place for the event?

Hand Sanitizer is available at all 3 entry gates as well as other places throughout the area. People are encouraged to social distance if possible. As it is an outdoor open-air event, wearing mask is optional, do what makes you most comfortable. If someone has symptoms or been exposed to COVID-19 we ask that they not attend. Our promotional team 6-Sixty Street and Limpy try to stream races live on the “H-Town Throw Down” Facebook page throughout the day as service allows.

4. How does this event benefit the community?

The spectator gate goes to the community. Everyone must have wristband, unfortunately we have some spectators who cut or jump our temporary fencing or sneak in other ways. Our staff is all volunteer and limited but we are working on improving on securing perimeters. We will also, have someone who will walk around the doing wristband checks throughout the day.

To date we have raised $44,565 from the spectator gate. Generally, we divide funds to City of Hartshorne Recreation and Events Fund (towards the Park Renovation Fund), Hartshorne Police Department Equipment and Training, Hartshorne Fire Department and Haileyville Fire Department. In September 2020 race we decided we wanted to benefit community groups and organizations. We would like to do the same with October Race if we have a good turnout. The 2020 season has been such an amazing turnout and we have grown so much as far as the amount of racers that travel here.

Hartshorne, Haileyville, Krebs, Wilburton and McAlester are benefiting so much from our races in sales tax dollars. As we have people traveling from across the United States to be here.

September 2020 Races Raised $7590 at the gate:

$1200- H-Town Throwdown October Event

$1200- H-Town Throwdown Presents: A Christmas Surprise (Details to Come)

$750- Hartshorne Fire Department

$750- Haileyville Fire Department

$750- Hartshorne Police Department Equipment and Training

$750- Twin Cities Christian Outreach Food Bank

$690- City of Hartshorne Recreation and Events Park Fund

$500- Twin Cities Revitalization Christmas Giveaway

$500- Hartshorne All Sports Booster Club

$250- Hartshorne Chamber of Commerce

$250- Hartshorne Junior/Senior Prom

5. How can people register to be a sponsor or to race?

If interested in sponsoring event, please contact Mike Angeli at 918-429-4250

And we could not do this event without the incredible volunteers and the amazing sponsors who have been so generous in helping us produce these events.

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