McAlester City Hall


McAlester City Hall

Section 3.01 of the McAlester City Charter addresses the appointment, qualifications and compensation of the city manager.

1. How is the McAlester city manager appointed?

The City Council, by a majority vote of its total membership, shall appoint a City Manager for an indefinite term and fix the Manager's compensation.

2. On what does the City Charter say the appointment will be based?

The City Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of education and experience in the accepted competencies and practices of local government


3. What are the minimum qualifications  to serve as McAlester city manager?

Minimum qualifications are:

• (1) A Master's Degree with a concentration in public administration or a related discipline, and two years of experience in an appointed managerial or administrative position in a local government.

4. What are alternative minimum qualifications?

• (2) A Bachelor's Degree and five years of such experience.

The Manager need not be a resident of the City or state at the time of appointment, but shall reside within the City while in office.

5. What is the procedure for reviewing the city manager's performance?

The city council shall thoroughly review the performance of the

City Manager at least once every year and deliver a report of this evaluation to the City Manager. A copy of the City Manager's evaluations shall be kept in the personnel records.

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