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HARTSHORNE — Warren Puckett can still fit into his U.S. Navy uniform — and the science teacher put it on again Monday to participate in Veterans Day activities at Hartshorne Public Schools.

I’ve always thought it interesting that in the history of popular music there are very few songs about battles our nation’s veterans have fought  — and many of those recordings came out in the late 1950s and early 1960s when a wave of historical songs hit the charts. Read more

You suddenly realize that your cat or dog is missing. Cats and dogs like to explore. If there is a way out of your house or yard, they will find it and go out for an adventure. When you can’t quickly find your pet, panic sets in. It can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Read more

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Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park is scanning those letters for a public collection and will honor Utsler in a Legacy Award presentation during the "Celebrate America" concert at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Central National Bank Center.

Oklahoma smokers are encouraged to quit tobacco for a day, or a lifetime, during the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 15. Since 1970, the annual event has represented a new start for tobacco users around the country.

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As the weather gets colder, many gardeners may consider wrapping themselves in a warm blanket to help ward off the chill of the season. However, they may need to think about wrapping the trunks of young, thin-barked trees instead.

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All the banks and most businesses remained closed on Nov. 11, 1918, but it was not due to a financial crisis in Muskogee. In the early hours of the morning, the Monday edition of the Muskogee Daily Phoenix hit the streets. Its banner headlines announced the signing of an armistice signaling the end of the world war. 

Gardeners often overlook using dwarf conifers in a landscape. They look for bright color in blooming perennials or shrubs, yet color, texture and form are a conifer’s middle name. Equally important, conifers provide a sense of framework and structure to a garden plan.

"The timeline, the adjustments that have had to been made, they're not easy. They're disappointing every time. I'm doing the absolute most due diligence that I can to keep moving forward ... I know that it will be (over soon) and I'm still optimistic it will be beautiful and an asset." — Romy Owens, artist 

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The potential damage to the regional and world trade brought on by President Donald Trump's trade battle with Beijing looms as leaders of Southeast Asian nations, China, the U.S. and other regional economies meet in Singapore

The dead in Northern California's devastating wildfire have been found in burned-out cars, in the smoldering ruins of their homes, or next to their vehicles, apparently overcome by smoke and flames before they could jump in behind the wheel

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