Jim Grego

Jim Grego 

Spring break is here. We had a shortened week at the Capitol only convening Monday and Tuesday. Oklahoma Youth Expo is in full swing with Tuesday night being legislator’s show night.

Legislators were matched with an owner and their animal for a showmanship contest. It is always a good way to interact with our youth and next generation of leaders.

Next week is deadline week. Any bill originating from the House that is not heard will not be considered until next year. All bills passed out of the House will be sent to the Senate for consideration ,and we will start the process of considering Senate bills.

I have two more bills I’m hoping to be heard next week. House Bill 1590 is the funding for the next generation of 911 dispatching. I believe this will improve response times for those who dial 911. This will really help rural and remote areas as they will be able to pinpoint your location and route dispatch through the nearest 911 center. House Bill 1586 is an old favorite of mine that failed to be heard in the Senate last session. This will allow Oklahoma residents an option to purchase a one-time parking pass for the state park of their choice for one year at a discounted price.

Another area that I’m hearing some confusion about is the talk to eliminate state sales tax on groceries purchased. We need to be clear should we pass something on the state level to reduce this tax burden, it will only apply to the state’s 4.5% portion. Cities and counties will still collect their share, which is usually adds up to about 50% of the overall tax. Should something like this pass, consumers still would pay approximately 5% on grocery purchases rather than the close to 10% we now pay.

As always, thank You for allowing me to serve you. I can be reached at (405) 557-7381 or by email at jim.grego@okhouse.gov.

Jim Grego serves District 17 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Latimer County and part and Pittsburg County.

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