The first trailer for “Stillwater,” the film by Tom McCarthy starring Matt Damon, has been released.

Within the first few seconds of the trailer, we see Damon as Bill Baker sorting through rubble following a disaster. Coyle served as one of the filming locations for what was supposed to be tornado destruction. A few seconds later, we see Damon at a Sonic, driving past a view of the Stillwater water tower and then sharing a smile with Abigail Breslin, who plays his daughter, Allison.

Soon viewers learn plot of the movie, with oil field worker Damon traveling to Marseille, France, to try to help his daughter, who has been accused of murder.

While in France, he enlists the help of some kind of advocate, played by Camille Cottin.

Viewers might be able to predict that most of the movie takes place in France as it’s described by the Focus Features website that, “Confronted with language barriers, cultural differences, and a complicated legal system, Bill builds a new life for himself in France as he makes it his personal mission to exonerate his daughter.”

The film has a release date of July 30. It was supposed to come out last year, but it was pushed back because of the pandemic, and the director told Entertainment Weekly a big reason for that was the studio felt it was important for people to see the movie in the theaters.

“It's a beautiful film shot in a beautiful place, and I think [Focus Features] felt strongly that people should see it in movie theaters, and I was in agreement with that,” McCarthy told EW.

Damon video-called into the Today Show to talk about the film. After being asked about friend Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez dating, he was later asked about how the film might be loosely based around the real-life Amanda Knox story. Knox was convicted of murdering her roommate and spent time in an Italian prison before winning an appeal.

Damon heaped praise on McCarthy, an Academy Award winner for "Spotlight," and then spoke of how McCarthy and the writing team made "Stillwater" their own.

“He’s just an unbelievable writer and director and always has great performances from his actors and I’ve been dying to work with him for a really long time,” Damon said. “This is a story based kind of loosely on (Knox), but (McCarthy) worked with some other writers and made up a story around it as if a girl had gone and found herself in this situation where she was in prison for a crime that she says she didn’t do, and her father was a guy from Oklahoma who was a roughneck who worked on oil rigs.

“The story is about this father trying to reconnect with his daughter. The guy’s made mistakes. He’s going over there and he’s just not going to give up. He’s just going to try to exonerate his daughter and kind of runs into all the issues that you have if you have that kind of language and cultural impediment if you were trying to go over there and do that.”

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