Three men were sentenced into the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Donovan Lee Judd, 27, of McAlester, was sentenced to six years in ODOC custody after an application to revoke a 2019 suspended sentence was granted by Pittsburg County Associate District Judge Tim Mills.

Judd pleaded guilty to larceny of an automobile in August and was originally sentenced to a six-year suspended sentence, according to court records.

An application to revoke his sentence was made after Judd was charged with four misdemeanors earlier this month.

William Douglas Pelt, 42, McAlester, was sentenced to two years in ODOC custody after Pittsburg County Special District Judge Brian McLaughlin granted a motion to revoke a 2018 suspended sentence against Pelt.

Pelt was charged in 2017 with unauthorized use of vehicle and was originally sentenced to six years in ODOC custody with the final three years suspended, according to court documents. His sentence was revoked after Pelt was charged with a felony and a misdemeanor in Woodward County District Court in Aug. 2019.

Jordan Shemar Brown, 19, of Oklahoma City, was sentenced to ODOC’s Regimented Treatment Program at the Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center in Alva.

According to ODOC’s website, BJCC’s Regimented Treatment Program combines physical training with cognitive behavioral treatment. Inmates must show “self-discipline, initiative, motivation and improved behavior” in order to graduate from the program.

Court records show if Brown successfully completes the program, he will receive a deferred sentence for possession with intent to distribute.

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