State continues to investigate drone

Submitted PhotoA drone carrying contraband was captured at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Monday morning. It was the first drone reported to have carried contraband into an Oklahoma state prison.  

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections said the Oklahoma Inspector General’s office haven’t identified yet who is responsible for flying a drone onto the grounds of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Monday. 

A DOC press release said the drone was hauling a lot of contraband including “two 12 inch hacksaw blades, a cellphone, a cellphone battery, a hands-free device, two packages of Newport Cigarettes, two packages of Black & Mild cigars, two tubes of super glue, a 5.3 ounce bag containing marijuana, a 0.8 ounce bag containing methamphetamine and a bag containing less than 1 gram of heroin.”

DOC Spokesperson Terri Watkins said there were no markings on the drone to signify who it might belong to or who it might have been intended for in the prison. 

OSP staff found the drone laying upside down on prison property on Monday. Authorities said it was the first time a drone was reportedly used to smuggle contraband in one of the state’s prisons. 

Watkins said the hacksaw blades and super glue are uncommon contraband items. 

 OSP staff found the drone after it appeared it hit wire on the prison’s walls. DOC Director Robert Patton said other states have combatted similar attempts in the past and the department plans to review its security to ensure it is prepared for future drone attempts. 

“The DOC is aware of similar incidences in other states and has been directing training staff and security personnel at facilities to stay attentive for more attempts to use flying aircraft to smuggle contraband into facilities,” the press release states.  

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