5 THINGS TO KNOW: How does jury duty in the Choctaw Tribal Courts work?

DERRICK JAMES | Staff photoThe Choctaw Nation Judical Center in Durant. 

More than 30 individuals from Pittsburg County were charged this week in Choctaw Nation District Court.

Following an April 1 decision by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals applied the U.S. Supreme Court’s analysis in McGirt v. Oklahoma to the Choctaw Nation, the tribe filed more than 150 cases in their district court, including 35 felony counts from Pittsburg County.

The following is a list of Pittsburg County residents charged with felonies in Choctaw Nation District Court.

This report reflects public Choctaw Nation District Court records filed at the Choctaw Nation District Court. The reader should keep in mind that these are charges, and not evidence of guilt.

Jeffrey Brock III, 30, Hartshorne — Assault and battery on a corrections officer, grand larceny

Larry Tannehill, 58, McAlester — Malicious injury to property

Justin Davis Thomason, 19, McAlester — Burglary in the second degree

Sarah Elizabeth Picotte, 28, McAlester — Assault and battery upon a police officer

Damon James Cunningham, 46, McAlester — Sexual battery

Jeffrey Brent Thomas, 43, McAlester — Child sexual abuse x3

James Curtis Scarpello, 39, Hartshorne — Domestic assault and battery, threatening act of violence

Crystal Marie Haworth, 31, McAlester — Assault and battery with a deadly weapon, maiming, domestic assault and battery/abuse

Phillips Thomas Wesley, 41, McAlester — Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Christopher Glenn Butler, 27, McAlester — Injuring or burning public building, first-degree burglary

Carla Diana Christopher, 44, McAlester — Larceny of aircraft/automobile/vehicle/construction or farm equipment, second degree burglary

Marc Steven Smith, 28, Kiowa — Receive/posses/conceal stolen property

Donald Ray Logsdon Jr., 40, McAlester — Pointing firearms, domestic assault and battery/abuse x2, grand larceny, battery/assault and battery on a police officer, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Dewayne Owen McCarty, 37, Krebs — Receive/possess/conceal stolen property, computer fraud/unlawful use of computer

Cody Ray McFadden, 32, McAlester — Second degree arson

Steven Cody Orman, 29, Indianola — Grand larceny

Christopher Chase Powell, 32, no address given — Receive/possess/conceal stolen property

Charles Lonechief III, 31, McAlester — False personation creating liability or benefit, second degree burglary, unauthorized use of a vehicle, malicious injury/destruction of property

Anthony Cordell Bedford, 32, Hartshorne — Assault, battery, or assault/battery with a dangerous weapon

Cory Ryan Jones, 29, no address given — Receive/possess/conceal stolen vehicle

Deanna Marie Nelson, 34, McAlester — Taking/receiving stolen credit card, unauthorized use of a credit/debit card

Walter Allen Moore III, 30, Kiowa — Endangering others while eluding/attempting to elude, drive while license suspended/revoked/cancelled

Christopher Shannon McLennan, 33, McAlester — Receive/possess/conceal stolen property x2, eluding a police officer, grand larceny, possession of controlled dangerous substance

Robert Goodwin Mattioda, 41, McAlester — Distribution of a controlled dangerous substance including possession with intent to distribute

Tyas Joseph Short, 20, McAlester — Shooting with intent to kill

Bradley Joseph Mattioda, 47, Hartshorne — Second degree burglary

Dylan Blaine Sweeten, 28, Savanna — Second degree burglary

Matthew Wade James, 39, McAlester — Receive/possess/conceal stolen vehicle, driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked

Kenneth Lee Stephensen Jr., 29, Canadian Shores — Cruelty to animals, reckless conduct of a firearm

Cory Ryan Jones, 29, McAlester — Second degree burglary

Kenneth Wayne Strain Jr., 37, McAlester — Endangering others while eluding police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon

Justin Davis Thomason, 19, McAlester — Sexual battery, kidnapping

Kyle Douglas Daniels, 26, McAlester — Possession of sawed-off shotgun

Coty Anthony Anderson, 28, Hartshorne — Domestic assault and battery by strangulation

Jeffrey Dywayne Holcomb, 28, Haileyville — Aggravated assault and battery

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