Local man faces narcotics charges in two counties

Richard Watkins

A McAlester man faces several drug charges for cocaine and marijuana possession following an investigation by two law enforcement agencies.

Richard Dean Watkins, aka Guns, 51, was charged Nov. 27 with two counts of unlawful possession of controlled dangerous drug with intent to distribute in Pittsburg County District Court.

Records show Watkins also faces charges of possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute as well as an acquire proceeds from drug activity in Tulsa County District Court.

Watkins bonded out of both the Pittsburg and Tulsa County Jails, according to records from both jails.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, investigators from the Tulsa Police Department spoke with Pittsburg County Sheriff Deputy Det. Randy Hass regarding a TPD arrest made on Watkins after officers found and seized several ounces of suspected marijuana along with thousands of dollars.

A search warrant in an attempt to further the TPD investigation was conducted by Hass and the District 18 Task Force at a McAlester address that was given to investigators by Watkins at the time of his arrest in Tulsa, the affidavit states.

Investigators located in a shed near the residence several mason jars with “some of them having marijuana inside” along with a set of digital scales, the report states.

A second search warrant was obtained for the residence and that search led to investigators finding a tackle box with three grams of suspected cocaine along with two boxes of plastic baggies and scales with suspected cocaine residue, the affidavit states.

Watkins is scheduled for a preliminary hearing conference Dec. 6 in Pittsburg County and Jan. 14 in Tulsa County. 

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