Alexis Wilson

Alexis Wilson

A former student accused of threatening to “shoot up” McAlester High School had pictures of mass shootings, references to graduation crowds, and dates and texts saying she cut her hair to resemble one of the Columbine School shooters, according court documents.

Alexis Wilson, 18, is charged with a felony act of terrorism and faces up to life in prison if convicted, according to amended information filed Tuesday at the Pittsburg County Courthouse. The bail bond amount was amended from $250,00 up to $500,000 and Wilson faces alternative charges of terrorist hoax and endeavoring to perform an act of violence, which each carry prison sentences of up to 10 years.

Pittsburg County Sheriff’s deputies found messages on Wilson’s iPhone referencing the number of exits at a facility that hosts the McAlester High School graduation and potential dates for the event, references to Columbine mass shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, and numerous messages stating “they would say how they discovered her (Wilson) would be the next mass shooter,” according to court documents.

“I met with the sheriff and one of his deputies today; they had done further investigation and it was clear that there was more than simply a threat made,” District 18 District Attorney Chuck Sullivan said. “She had motive, the means, and a definite plan to carry out the threat so we amended the charge.”

A receipt shows Wilson purchased a Century Arms VSKA 7.62x39 AK-47 from a McAlester gun store and five additional magazines and 160 rounds of 7.62x39 rounds of ammunition on Sept. 5, according to court documents. The firearm is semi-automatic.

Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said Wilson bought the gun legally and underwent a federal background check.

“We take this very seriously and had to act quickly,” Morris said.

An affidavit in the amended information states deputies found texts from Wilson saying she cut her hair to resemble Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine shooters, and that if anyone found her phone “they would say how they discovered she would be the next mass shooter.”

Deputies wrote in the affidavit that Wilson texted a McAlester High School student who provided her with alcohol that she told the person not to rip her off or she would “hit” the high school.

The student replied to Wilson, telling her not to shoot the school, and she responded with a laughing emoji and “no worries,” deputies wrote.

Deputies wrote that Wilson continued texting about the S. Arch Thompson Auditorium, which hosts MHS graduation ceremonies. Wilson texted back that the facility “has less exits to cover and they are crowded together” in the building before messaging about which dates graduation is usually held, according to the affidavit.

The teen waitress told coworkers at a restaurant about her new AK-47 rifle and was later arrested for threatening to “shoot 400 people for fun” at the high school, according to an a report from the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies seized the semi-automatic AK-47 with six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun with a stock sleeve for extra shells from Wilson’s bedroom at a rural residence.

An incident report states Wilson told a coworker she would “shoot 400 people for fun and there were so many people at her old school that she would like to do it.”

Morris said he had seen “video of her shooting guns. She showed video to her friends and told them she had recently purchased a gun and told friends she was going to shoot up the school.”

Wilson’s booking photo at the Pittsburg County Jail shows her in a T-shirt referencing “The Anarchist Cookbook,” the 1971 tome advocating for violent civil disobedience that has been found among the belongings of school shooters.

During Wilson’s initial appearance on Monday, her mother, Sonya Smith, said her daughter was innocent. The family referred further questions to an attorney.

Wilson attended McAlester High School as a freshman and was at one point suspended for bringing a knife to school, officials said.

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