Investigators collect evidence at the scene where an unidentified body was found Saturday  in northwest McAlester.  

Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said a homicide investigation was opened after a body was found Saturday morning in McAlester.

Morris said a young man was apparently fatally shot near the intersection of State Highway 113 and Mekko Road in northwest McAlester.

“It’s pretty obvious it’s going to be a homicide,” Morris said. “We have a homicide investigation going on here.”

The sheriff said investigators had not identified the body, which appeared to be a male younger than 20 years old. He added the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was collecting evidence at the scene Saturday and Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded.  

Morris said investigators found shell casings at the scene and “it looks like” the fatality occurred at the location.

The sheriff said there are no suspects at this time and urged anyone with information about the incident to call the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office at 918-423-5858.

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