Mazey and May

McAlester football coach Forrest Mazey (left) and quarterbacks coach Brady May will share the title of offensive coordinator this season.

Forrest Mazey and Brady May believe their different personalities will help McAlester win.

The self-described high-strung Mazey will call the plays on offense in his first season leading the Buffs, but he’ll be game planning with the more laid-back May.

Mazey said having that difference provides a good even flow.

May said Mazey’s demeanor makes him up his game more. May said people may hear Mazey on the field more, but May still makes sure to get on his players, even if he isn’t as loud.

Mazey said the former quarterback for the Buffaloes will be in the press box giving feedback during games and have influence in the play calling.

The new head coach of the Buffs had praise for the offensive mind that the 2009 McAlester graduate is.

“He has a good knowledge base of the game and understands what I want to get done,” Mazey said.

Mazey added that May has brought good ideas to him in the short time since he’s been to McAlester. He said his quarterbacks coach is always evolving with new ideas to approach the sport and today’s youth.

May, in turn, said it’s been great working with the first-year head coach of the Buffs.

“A lot of times, he’ll send me stuff that I get to go look at, kind of just hone my craft and try to be a better quarterback coach,” May said.

The two former quarterbacks said they don’t really have philosophical differences. Both are from the background of the spread offense.

Mazey said May understands the importance of running the ball effectively and throwing it off the run. The Buffs head coach said being well rounded in both the passing and running game is essential to getting things done the right way.

“For me, I think it’s good to get a breath of fresh air from another aspect from somebody other than myself that was a quarterback,” Mazey said.

May played at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kan. He said he enjoyed handing the ball off to his running backs and celebrating with them while they scored.

Mazey will be handling wide receivers while May is in charge of the quarterbacks.

The head coach said he wants his assistants to run things through him to agree with the philosophical things they are teaching. He may feel the need to fix something if he sees it in real time, but said all of his coaches have free reign.

“I like to let my guys coach because it makes them coach harder if I’m not micromanaging,” he said.

Mazey said the two will try things out with headsets come scrimmages later this month. The Buffs are scheduled to host Wagoner for a scrimmage Aug. 23, while traveling to Sallisaw a week later.

He said coaches will work from home on Saturdays, and the two will do game planning on Sundays.

“We work until it’s done,” Mazey said. “We work until we feel like we’ve got a game plan good enough to win.”

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