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Krebs city councilors and attendees of Wednesday's emergency meeting sat in chairs spaced about 10 feet apart in the city hall parking to follow CDC guidelines.

KREBS — Councilors and meeting attendees sat in folded chairs about 10 feet apart in the parking lot outside of Krebs city hall for an emergency meeting about another coronavirus proclamation.

After an order for all businesses to close their doors to public access on Monday and Tuesday expired, Krebs city councilors approved a new proclamation during Wednesday’s emergency meeting to enforce the same restrictions starting Thursday.

The proclamation orders establishments that sell liquor or beer by the drink, gyms and fitness centers, and other facilities closed, and restricts restaurants to takeout and delivery only.

“We’re just going by what the governor’s telling us as it’s coming out — and it will come to Pittsburg County eventually,” Krebs Mayor Bobby Watkins said. He added that the council meeting was held in the parking lot to allow more space to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 164 positive coronavirus cases and five deaths as of Wednesday. None were reported in Pittsburg County as of Wednesday.

Although the virus typically causes mild symptoms and most patients recover, it can lead to more severe illnesses, especially among the elderly with preexisting health conditions.

Gov. Kevin Stitt on Tuesday issued a “safer-at-home” policy ordering restrictions in the Oklahoma counties with a confirmed COVID-19 case. Counties will be included under the order as a confirmed case is discovered.

It ordered the state’s vulnerable population to stay at home until April 30, including Oklahomans older than 65 and those with underlying medical conditions.

Stitt also ordered nonessential businesses to close for 21 days — but the mandate will be re-evaluated on April 16. Nonessential businesses include movie theaters, gyms, salons, bars, spas, and massage and tattoo parlors, per Stitt’s order.

The governor’s order also mandates restaurants to serve only to-go and delivery orders.

Krebs councilors previously issued business restrictions that ordered restaurants closed to dine-in customers for Monday and Tuesday.

That order expired at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday — meaning Krebs restaurants were allowed to serve dine-in customers Wednesday before the new order is to take effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

Councilors on Wednesday night approved the new proclamation, which enacted several orders effective a

• Krebs city facilities will be closed to the public until April 2 “or otherwise extended by the mayor.”

• All businesses in Krebs are “highly recommended to ensure at least six (6) feet of space for each patron and only 10 people within the business at a time.”

• Businesses in Krebs will be open for drive-thru, carry-out, and delivery services only.

It orders closure during that time of establishments selling liquor or beer by the drink, in addition to gyms, fitness centers, recreation centers and other similar facilities.

The order takes effect at 12:01 March 26 and “shall terminate on April 9, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise acted on by Krebs City Council.

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