Epic Public Charter Schools released county-by-county enrollment data Tuesday on the heels of last week’s announcement that the virtual charter school is now the largest public school district in Oklahoma.

The virtual public charter school has students in all 77 counties in Oklahoma. Current total enrollment for the upcoming school year is 40,631 students, and hundreds more are enrolling each day. Area county numbers include: Pittsburg, 337; Latimer, 128; McIntosh, 207; Hughes, 105; and Atoka, 70. 

“The shift to distance learning happened slowly and then all at once,” said EPIC Assistant Superintendent Shelly Hickman. “EPIC has had 10 years to sharpen best practices for virtual learning, which include giving our parents a lot of choices and supporting our faculty through competitive compensation and low class sizes. We’re ready to meet the challenges of the upcoming school year and do our part to help our state.”

Hickman said the school’s internal data shows about 60 percent of new enrollments are due to the pandemic, while 40 percent of new enrollees have indicated their enrollment is unrelated to COVID-19.

“Whatever their reasons for coming to us are, we’re ready,” Hickman said. “We serve kids and families in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but we also serve kids from places like Guymon and Atoka. We understand the uncertainty of the times, and we hope to be a bridge for the families who have chosen to start the school year with us.”

EPIC begins its school year, as it does every year, the day after Labor Day, Sept. 8.

A county-by-county breakdown of EPIC students can be found at drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VWJZNaZwq9xzgxgJgP8E7I_lbAUNN-u4?usp=sharing.

EPIC’s school model provides free choice of online curriculum, technology (laptops, tablets, etc.) and Wi-Fi service for students who need it, easing the technology burden for families that opt for distance, blended learning.

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