Royce Florenzano

Name: Royce Florenzano

Age: 18

School: Crowder

Family: Robert and Amanda Florenzano

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing baseball, video games, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Where do you want to go to college and why?

I plan on attending Seminole State College to play baseball and obtain a Business Associate in Science. I have played baseball most of my life and I am very excited to be able to play at the college level while fulfilling my educational goals. Seminole has a good baseball program, as well as offering a variety of academic opportunities.

What is your list of accomplishments including scholarships received?

Class Salutatorian, National Honor Society, Oklahoma Honor Society, Oklahoma Indian Honor Society, McAlester News-Capital Fall 2022 Baseball Player of the Year, All-Conference Baseball, Principal’s and Superintendent’s Honor Roll

What drives you to succeed?

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to do well and make my family proud. It’s not always easy to stay motivated, but I try to push through adversity and keep working toward my goals.

Who inspires you to excel in school and why?

My parents, grandparents, and the teachers and staff at Crowder have always been very supportive of my academic and extracurricular endeavors. It cannot be emphasized enough the impact that teachers have on their students’ attitudes toward learning. My family and teachers have inspired me to be diligent in my schoolwork and strive for academic success. My parents work in education, so academics have always been a priority in our household.

What community activities are you involved in and what drives you to give back to the community?

I have actively participated in community outreach such as meal delivery and The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. I provide tutoring services and am an aide for junior high athletics. When I see others within the community working to make a positive change, this inspires me to step forward and help. I hope the small things I do will inspire others also.

What are your extracurricular activities and how do they improve your education?

I have played baseball and basketball most of my life. Team sports have taught me the discipline and focus to succeed in the classroom. Anytime you have a group of kids trying to get along and work toward a common goal, it is an opportunity for personal growth. In the classroom, as in team sports, you get results when you put in the work.

How would a new car help achieve your future goals?

As most of the other applicants have stated, a new car would help alleviate financial stress while attending college. A college education is expensive, and a new car would provide reliable transportation without the burden of a monthly payment. I am honored to be selected student of the month and the opportunity to be selected as a new car recipient. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity and supporting the educational goals of college-bound students!

— Adrian O’Hanlon III

— Adrian O'Hanlon III 

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