Pittsburg County commissioners and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma have set up several water stations as water outages and broken pipes continue to leave some city and county residents without water service.

District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith said Monday he has a water tank truck at the District 2 County Barn in Pittsburg filled with non-potable water, meaning it can be used for household purposes, but not for drinking or preparing food. Smith also has some drinking water available.

"We have 4,000 gallons of non-potable water, plus a couple of pallets of drinking water," Smith said Monday.

Smith said there's a limit of one case per household for bottled drinking water.

"As far as non-potable water, there's no limit on that," Smith said. "I can get some more."

Those getting the non-potable water need to bring their own containers.

Both the bottled drinking water and the non-potable water is available to anyone who needs it, Smith said.

"Anybody who don't have water can come and get some," he said.

The town of Pittsburg has water service, but some households in rural areas, including some close to town that are on rural water districts, had not seen their service restored as of early Monday, Smith said.

The District 2 County Barn is at 615 Pittsburg Road, or at the corner of Pittsburg Road and Hudson in Pittsburg.

Also, a "water buffalo" truck from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma was parked at the Frink-Chambers school Monday, where local residents can get water, said McAlester/Pittsburg County Office of Emergency Management Director Kevin Enloe.

The water provided through the Choctaw Nation at the Frink-Chambers school is potable drinking water, said Emergency Management Deputy Director Lois Lupardus. Those getting the water need to bring their own containers. 

District 3 Commissioner Ross Selman said he has water station set up at the Scipio and Tannehill Fire Departments, with tankers for non-potable water.

Selman said he had bottled drinking water at the two sites, with a limit of one case per household. The stations were set to have the water available from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. at Scipio and from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. at Tannehill. He said Arpelar Rural Water District No. 7 had water service as of early today.

District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers said he had a water truck at Quinton over the weekend, but water service has been restored to the area.

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