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I’ve been thinking lately (I know, Pat’s thinking again) about how so many people are getting sick and constantly have allergies flaring up. I’ve come to this fantastic conclusion: No rain, the lakes are way down,the air is so polluted now until it ain’t even funny and our drinking water tastes so bad it’s probably got all kinds of bugs and bacteria in it now.

I finally figured out why rain smells so good: It cleans everything up, washes out all the impurities and keeps the water fresh; no dust and pollen in the air, so what we are actually smelling is good clean air.

Don’t you reckon that is what it’s all about? I’ve been thinking, too, about how, used to, in the Old Testament, there was only dew to moisten the land but God in all His greatness and mercy saw how man, in all his wisdom and ignorance, was going to pollute our air and land so He decided to give us rain to clean up our messes. You reckon that could be how it is?

And our government is worried about the bird flu? We need rain desperately. It used to be they would pepper the clouds with something or another or pay the Native American shaman to do a rain dance and everybody would start praying like crazy, but in earnest, for rain — and something worked, because it would rain, folks.

Maybe, just maybe,we need to get out the WD-40 and grease the old, stiff knee joints and hit our prayer bones and get some relief. Do you reckon?

And then there are the utility bills. Need I say more? Ours hit the $400-plus mark.

Then there is the new Medicare D plan. Need I say anymore?

And our seniors are supposed to live on $400 to $500 a month? Need I say anymore,on that subject? I think not. I get too riled up at the way things are going to pot and we can’t do any thing about it.

After all,WE voted this mess in. I’ll guarantee you one thing thugh: Maybe this will get everybody to praying again. Reckon?

Write to and give me your answers to this mess. I’ll write it up in future Tid-Bits,OK? God bless until next time.

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