Now that was a name, during my teens, that had guys trying to look like him and girls screaming and just plain going nuts over this sexy symbol of Rock and Roll.

A bunch of us teens gathered at one house to see this “teen idol,” one day and so help me, I sat there in amazement, watching my friends, hollering, screaming and crying when he appeared on television.

I guess I just wasn’t the screaming type. I got more kicks out of watching the other girls.

I could sure sigh though when I saw his movies and I still think he’s sexy. I still love watching his movies.

I will never forget his first movie I saw.

Charlsie Davidson, Jackie Claxton, Richard Lollis and I went to the afternoon matinee in McAlester and saw “Jail House Rock,” then went to the drive-in to see “Loving You,” that evening.

That’s when I learned to read lips, because you sure couldn’t hear nothing.

I’ve wondered so often if the boys dressed like him because they liked him or if they thought they looked sexy and cool and could catch a girl friend.

I always thought some of the guys at school were cool and sexy without imitating someone else.

There was one in particular I thought he was the most handsome boy I had even seen and he didn’t have to look like Elvis. But he just wasn’t interested in me.

I wonder whatever happened to him?

I didn’t keep up with him, because I fell for a young man from Canadian that captured my heart.

He turned out to be my heart throb for five years, until I went into the Navy and to me, he put Elvis Presley to shame.

First love, there’s nothing like it.

Now, getting on down to serious matters.

Our cultures and just plain old home-cooking are getting lost in the fast paced, shuffle of living, so I thought we’d try to bring some of it back, along with a story or two.

Like for instance, chocolate gravy and hot buttered, homemade biscuits.

Lip-smacking go-o-o-d!

We will be featuring some native American dishes sent in by the Ladies of the Choctaw Nation Center in Crowder.

My son’s grandmother was full blood Cherokee and man, her food was scrump-dillie-umptious (that’s better than good).

Hope you enjoy the recipes (some older than dirt, folks used to call them receipts).

Next article, we’ll try to get some of these dishes going.

Thanks ladies for your help.

And a very special thank you, to those in Crowder and McAlester for your encouragement.

Since so many, only knew me by my nickname, I will sign this one:

God Bless. Lulu

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