QUINTON — An interception by T.J. Cass one minute after kick-off seemed to be a sure sign that Quinton was going to have things go their way Friday night.

While Quinton wasn’t able to find the end zone on the possession, a 70-yard touchdown run on a recovered fumble by Eric Spearman five minutes later, seemed to indicate that things were on track for a Savage win. After Cameron Box’s PAT the home team had the early 7-0 lead.

But the Mustangs from Allen broke lose in the second quarter, as they scored 22 points in a little over nine minutes in the second quarter, giving the visitors a 22-7 lead with less than four minutes remaining in the half.

Even after great defensive efforts by Spearman, Heath Partin and Box, the Mustangs were unstoppable, scoring again off of a 10-yard touchdown run by Rydell Klaus. The first 24 minutes of play ended with a 28-7 Allen lead.

The game continued to follow the same pattern in the second half, as Allen’s Brandon Postoak snagged an interception early in the third, resulting in yet another Mustangs’ touchdown.

Besides a 40-yard kickoff return from Joey Davidson, the Savage offense was quiet for the remainder of the contest, as the Mustangs galloped to a 48-7 victory.

Quinton will host Wynnewood Friday night in the Savages’ final game of the season.