Time for a new poll. Here is the final tally from the last poll:

Would you support an increase in the sales tax to help the city meet its financial obligations?

Yes 13.65%

No 86.35%

359 votes counted.

Seem pretty obvious that, at least among visitors to this Web site, a new sales tax is a bad idea. Given the spectre of higher water bills, inflation, gasoline prices through the roof, and higher gas and electric bills this winter, it's little wonder people are not too keen on a new tax.


I was in Oklahoma City on Wednesday for a meeting of the board of directors of the Associated Press/Oklahoma News Executives. I'm the president-elect of that august organization (OK, I'm just showing off). James Scroggins, the executive director of the Oklahoma Lottery spoke to the group. He was asked if the current lot of scratch off tickets had a higher percentage of winners (you know, hook 'em with prizes, then cut the number of winners down the road). He said the percentage of winners now is the same as it will be later. Scroggins said he expects to have a staff of maybe 75 people when all the hires are made — that's about half of the projected 130 employees needed to administer the lottery. Also, he said he hopes to have about 3,500 outlets across the state when things get up to speed. Scroggins said he expects the lottery to meet its goals for revenue.