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January 17, 2014

Woman allegedly enables teenage daughter to be sexually abused

By Trevor Dunbar
Staff Writer

McALESTER — Day two of the State of Oklahoma vs. Cyndie Dee Jones was under way Thursday at the Pittsburg County Courthouse. Jones, a resident of the Piney Creek area in northern Pittsburg County, is on trial for allegedly enabling child sexual abuse to occur on her property.

The alleged crime occurred between August 2011 and April 2013, according to an affidavit filed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse. The child involved in the case is alleged to have had sexual relationships with two different men, Jimmy Culley and Robert Bond, both of Stigler, while Jones was responsible for the girl’s health, safety and welfare, court records show.

Culley, 47, has already been convicted of raping the juvenile and allegedly fathered a child with the girl.

Bond has been charged with raping the juvenile in Haskell County, but has yet to stand trial. Those charges stem from Bond allegedly having a sexual relationship with the same juvenile while she was residing near Stigler in Haskell County.

First Assistant District 18 Attorney Danita Williams called on Bond for testimony during Thursday’s proceedings. Williams inquired as to what kind of relationship he had with the girl, who is now 15.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend,” Bond said.

He told Williams the relationship with the girl was sexual in nature and began when he was 19 years old. He said Jones came to him and asked if he would be interested in having a relationship with the girl.

“She approached me one evening when we were all drinking and asked me to try dating (the girl),” he said. “‘She likes you and I think you’ll treat her well,’” Bond testified.

Bond said he felt Jones was aware of the relationship because she saw him coming and going from both a residence near Stigler and one in Piney Creek. He also believed Jones was aware of the nature of the relationship because she took the girl to get birth control, he said.

During cross examination, defense attorney Brecken Wagner noted Bond had been charged with six counts of first-degree rape in Haskell County in connection with the case. Wagner asked Bond when his preliminary hearing conference is set to be held.

“I went to court on this and had it moved to another day,” Bond said.

After noting the conference was set for Feb. 24, after Jones’ trial, Wagner asked Bond if Williams was also prosecuting that case. Bond said Williams was the prosecutor, and Wagner said Bond had established a defense for himself by indicating Jones had approached Bond about starting a relationship with the girl.

Wagner asked Bond if he was testifying against Jones as part of a plea deal. Bond said he was not and that it was his idea to testify.

“I want to get everything situated and get on with my life,” Bond said.

When Wagner asked if Bond was there to help himself, Bond hesitated, then said that he was.

The defense called Wayne Rider to testify on behalf of Jones. Rider said he is Jones’ boyfriend and also resides on the Piney Creek property.

When asked if he believed Jones was aware of the juvenile’s sexual relationship with the men, Rider said he did not. He also said he was unaware of the nature of the relationships.

Wagner asked Rider if he had seen the men coming and going from a camping trailer the girl was staying in on the property.

“No, never once,” Rider said.

When asked what he would have done if he had known, his answer was direct.

“I probably would have killed them,” he said.

Rider also said Jones was deeply troubled when Jones received a call from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services telling her the girl was pregnant.

“She flipped out,” Rider said. “She threw a chair.”

He maintained that neither he nor Jones had any idea either man had sexual relations with the girl until the call from DHS. He said Jones later found several pages of sexually explicit notes written by the girl and hidden away. Rider said the letters were immediately turned over to DHS.

Another defense witness, DHS case worker Margaret Corder, confirmed Jones had turned over the notes. She said Jones seemed sincere at the time, but Corder admitted she later had some doubt.

“Probably after hearing (the juvenile),” she said of when she became doubtful.

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