McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

August 23, 2012

Pittsburg County 4-H Rifle Contest Results

By Greg Owen
Special Correspondent

McALESTER — The Pittsburg County 4-H recently held our annual Rifle contest that encompasses-air rifle, air pistol, and .22 rifle. This event is held in coordination with the Pittsburg County Free Fair. We also hold a County Archery and Shotgun contest. That event was held on Saturday. Results from our 4-H Rifle contests were as follows:

Junior Air Rifle (ages 9-11)

1st Place — Joe Benedict, Haileyville;

2nd — Aaron Shannon, Pittsburg;

3rd — Rykken Brownlee, Crowder;

4th — Bethany Bengs, Quinton;

5th — Gunnar Parker, Quinton;

6th — Serena Woodard, Canadian;

7th — Colton Scott, Pittsburg;

8th — Morgan Gardner, Kiowa;

9th — Jett McClendon, Kiowa;

10 — Alexia Crabtree, Haileyville.

Intermediate Air Rifle (ages 12-14)

1st — Caleb Bengs, Quinton;

2nd — Colby Steidley, MHS;

3rd — Zoey Carter, Crowder;

4th — Wyatt Gardner, Kiowa;

5th — Blake Tubbs, Hartshorne;

6th — Fallon Scott, Pittsburg;

7th — Blane Rice, Pittsburg;

8th — James Morgan, Lakewood;

9th — Duncan Myers, Pittsburg;

10th — Skyla Edwards, Hartshorne.

Senior Air Rifle

1st — Justin Farrar, Quinton;

2nd — Samantha Brownlee, MHS;

3rd — Ruth Bullard, Indianola;

4th — Megan Woodard, Canadian;

5th — Colton Tubbs, Hartshorne;

6th — Justin Morgan, MHS;

7th — Jared Morgan, MHS;

8th — Tryston Stanfield, Quinton;

9th — Dylan Pingleton, Hartshorne.

Intermediate Air Pistol

1st — Blake Tubbs;

2nd — Blane Rice;

3rd — James Morgan;

4th — Caleb Bengs.

Senior Air Pistol

1st — Justin Farrar;

2nd — Colton Tubbs;

3rd — Dylan Pingleton;

3th — Samantha Brownlee;

5th — Justin Morgan;

6th — Jared Morgan;

7th — Megan Woodard;

8th — Tryston Stanfield.

Intermediate .22 Rifle Scoped

1st — Blake Tubbs;

2nd — Rhett Thurman, Quinton;

3rd — Destinee McGuire, McAlester;

4th — Blane Rice;

5th — James Morgan.

Senior .22 Rifle Scoped

1st — Jared Morgan;

2nd — Dylan Pingleton;

3rd — Justin Farrar;

4th — Tryston Stanfield;

5th — Ruth Bullard;

6th — Samantha Brownlee;

7th — Colton Tubbs;

8th — Justin Morgan;

9th — Megan Woodard.

Intermediate .22 Rifle Open Sights

1st — Blake Tubbs;

2nd — Blane Rice;

3rd — Rhett Thurman;

4th — James Morgan;

5th — Destinee McGuire.

Senior .22 Open Sights

1st — Justin Farrar;

2nd — Dylan Pingleton;

3rd — Colton Tubbs;

4th — Justin Morgan;

5th — Ruth Bullard;

6th — Samantha Brownlee;

7th — Tryston Stanfield;

8th — Jared Morgan;

9th — Megan Woodard.

Watch for my next column that will include the Archery and Shotgun contest results and the overall shooting sports contest Hi Point award winners. For more information about this and other 4-H activities please give me a call at the office at 918-423-4120 or email me at


Greg Owen is the Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator for the Pittsburg County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Contact him at 918-423-4120 or