McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

August 25, 2012

Letter to Editor by Charleen Samuels

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Submitted report

McALESTER — Editor:

I am very disappointed in our City Manager Pete Stasiak for removing the silhouette showing a soldier on his knees praying just because one person, which he can’t remember who it was, didn’t like it and doesn’t believe in the meaning of it.

What in the world has our country come to when one person, or even several, do not believe as we Christians believe and they can control the voices and actions of millions of people? It seems that all they have to say is I don’t like that and that is not the way I believe so you are encroaching on my beliefs so get rid of it. Then next week, I will see if I can find something else that I don’t believe in and when I do, I will be back to have it taken care of.

When is enough – enough?

Our brave young men and women have gone to war to protect our rights and privileges and I’m sure each of them have knelt in prayer or lain in foxholes many a time asking the Lord to see them or their comrades through the rough fighting besides asking that their families back home are safe and taken care of. They have fought for and are still fighting for the rights of atheists as well as Christians. One thing for sure, you can’t stop us from praying for you as well as those who asks us for our prayers.

My husband fought in WWll as a paratrooper and suffered many wounds which he finally succumbed to but he never failed to thank God for his church, family, friends and the ability to do what he could for others.

As you can tell, I do not believe as an atheist but I have no desire to tell you what you can or cannot do as long as it’s not a crime. So why do you feel that you have the authority to tell us what we can or cannot do?

If we don’t wake up, we will soon be told that we’ve got to close our church doors.


Charleen Samuels,