McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

August 25, 2012

Letter to Publisher by Sen. Richard Lerblance

From submitted reports
Submitted report

McALESTER — Publisher:


I am writing in response to your editorial in the McAlester News-Capital on August 19, 2012. Your editorial was right on point and I agree with you to a certain point, however, there was one reference in your article that caught my eye and almost made me quit reading. You wrote, “We need the recently elected officials to take down their stupid campaign signs, which I lovingly refer to as ‘trash on a stick.’ They litter our rights of way and our medians and make our community look trashy.”

I was really taken back when I read that your impression of campaign signs was they are “stupid” and “trash on a stick.” I guess that every candidate that has ever run for a political office and spent good hard-earned money to put their name on campaign signs was just really spending money on “trash on a stick.”

It appears to me that you have little regard for those candidates that campaign for a public office from the president of the United States to a local city council race and they acutally have the audacity to put a campaign sign out and try to get one’s vote. I guess that your disdain for campaign signs would be that you would rather the candidate spend that money on newspaper adds in your local newspaper as opposed to “trash on a stick.” As term limits and a short term has taken me out of the political arena, you will not have to worry about any “trash on a stick” with my name on it.

As I mentioned above, your article was on point regarding the city and the search for a new logo, however, you totally lost me, when you came down on politicians, and I am talking about candidates from both parties, and stated that our message was “trash on a stick.”

I hope your next editorial about politicians is more positive.

I hope you print this letter in the News-Capital.

Sen. Richard Lerblance,

Senate District 7