McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

January 4, 2014

Letter to the editor

McALESTER — Hello my name is Rick and I would like to ask, why is this happening? I can’t believe that the judge would dismiss the recent rape case.

I can’t believe that there is any law that says if you are mentally incompetent or mentally retarded that you can rape, molest and abuse little girls over and over and receive no punishment or at the very least some sort of mental help or counseling so that you could know that what you had done was very wrong. I wonder what would have happened if the little abuse victim was the judge’s, someone in the DA’s office or any of the attorney’s daughter or granddaughter.

This doesn’t require an attorney’s degree or any degree; it just requires basic common sense. You don’t help the war on domestic violence, abuse, rape or molestation of any type by allowing the perpetrator to get away with committing these crimes over and over and receive absolutely no punishment. What about the victims? What about the innocent little children that have to endure the rapes, molestations and abuse over and over?

I see more and more people getting away with abuse crimes. When is it going to end?

You can have all the community agencies, the state agencies, federal agencies, abuse shelters in every town and city, and all the toll-free numbers that you want, but even that will never stop the abuse.

Abuse can only be stopped by education.

Abuse can only be stopped when enough judges, district attorneys and even attorneys stand up and say, “I am going to help the victim.”

Abuse can only be stopped by women abuse victims standing up and not allowing the abuse to continue.

There should be classes in every school and college that teaches young girls and young women that abuse is wrong and should never be tolerated and they should never have to live with abuse.

The young boys and young men also need to be taught that abuse in any form is wrong.

All of the news stations and newspapers need to have a daily, weekly or monthly section about abuse.

I don’t know the little girl’s name that was raped and molested and had to endure the abuse but I am so sorry that you had to endure this. You should have been protected by someone. The laws, the courts, the Department of Human Services, the justice system have let you down.

When are we all going to end the abuse, rape, molestations, and killing of all the innocent little children all over the world? When are we going to end the domestic violence and abuse all over the world? When does it stop? What does it take? Why is this allowed to happen over and over?

Again, to the little 5-year-old girl, I apologize to you that this had to happen and I am so sorry that you were not protected.

Rick Tubbs