Do you enjoy the clean fresh air here in Pittsburg County?

You don’t if you live on Shady Grove Road. The county puts rock on the road that is more dirt than rock. They use no water when grading, so when they are finished you have 3.5 miles of dust to live with.

When you wash clothes and dry them on the line they come in with more dirt on them than before they were washed.

When cars, ATVs and 18-wheelers use this county road as a short cut between State Highway 113 and U.S. Highway 69, there is a lot of dirt.

Randy Crone has been asked to address this problem for more than two years and nothing has been done to date. Even when he was given a petition signed by more than 60 people asking for the road to be improved, he and the road crew have done nothing.

I feel the very least that he could do is to put rock (not dirt) on the road and put oil on the rock to control the dust. Then ask the sheriff to have a patrol car travel the area more than every two months to slow the traffic down some.

This is one taxpayer’s opinion.

Thomas Humphress


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