This is in response to the headline story on Thursday, “Man held on Internet Sex charges”

As a mother of a daughter who is now 24 and thankfully doing well out from the “nest,” I just had to take this opportunity to share with younger parents with children still at home.

Please, please talk to your children about the dangers on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to talk to them frankly about the freaks and perverts out there that get their kicks from abusing our children. If you have a teen-ager, or even younger children, please use the above mentioned news story as a way to start a conversation with your children. Let them know they can come to you if anyone, whether in their neighborhood, at school or on the Internet says or does something that they are not comfortable with.

Be the parents you are supposed to be: Be nosy. Ask questions. Our children don’t know what’s best for them until they are grown. We, the parents, know the dangers out there. All our children know if we don’t get involved and have conversations with them is what they see on TV or learn from friends and, unfortunately, the Internet.

Thank goodness the girls in the story went to their stepfather and he stepped in to help stop this criminal. If not, this story could have ended in a much more tragic way.

I’ve never written a letter to the editor before, but maybe because this man was arrested in our town, trying to hurt our children, I just had to write.

Phyllis (Brewster) Hurlbut


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