Recently, I drove through Old Town and was pleasantly surprised by the clean appearance along that portion of North Main. I do not personally know Ed Gray, who heads the Old Town Merchants Association, but I have heard others comment about his great effort. It is good to know he is serving as vice chair of one of McAlester’s newly-formed Task Force Committees. No doubt Councilman Buddy Garvin is also due credit for helping to bring about the very positive results for Old Town.

What is not so commendable is the appearance of things as one gets closer to downtown McAlester.

It seems that any visitor to McAlester could easily think the “Old Town” sign is facing the wrong direction. Why shouldn’t the same kind of effort be put forth to make all of North Main as attractive as what has been done in Old Town? Nothing else could accomplish as much for those who have businesses or property along North Main.

Lloyd Wold