This past week was McAlester Public Schools celebrated Homecoming Week. Homecoming to most of us means parades, mums (which are more like a bouquet nowadays) queens candidates and, at times, floats. Friday, McAlester Public Schools had an “all school” homecoming, which encourages every organization at McAlester High School to participate and get involved throughout the week of homecoming. Each organization or club selects their queen candidate, the high school then holds a school-wide vote to determine our All School Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming is also the event of coming home for our alumni. McAlester is home, and too often we forget to take pride in our school and our community. I want to take this time to thank those who “came home” and helped us to remember some of the good times of days gone by. The revival of “Montage of the Years”, which was organized, staged, costumed, and coordinated by graduates of the MHS Class of 1969, with the help of students from Oklahoma City University, and current MHS students was phenomenal. The time and effort that it took to put on such a production not only demonstrates the love and passion for fine arts, but also reflects the love and passion these alumni have for McAlester and McAlester Public Schools.

We also recognized the State Champion football team of 1968 at halftime of the game Friday night. Some of these former Buffalo players and coaches live here, but some traveled from Florida, North Carolina and California to be here. Coming home means a lot to our school and our community. The display of pride by our alumni helps to instilled and set the example for our students.

To our current students, as the face of public education changes, please do not forget to take a moment to live in the here and now. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. As the world focuses on what is lacking, take just a moment to consider how good things are. Enjoy your time with your classmates, as you make memories that will last your lifetime. Take pride in your community and school as you leave your imprint upon our landscape. Never forget where you came from and what it took to get you where you are. As you witnessed throughout this homecoming week, those who “came home” are still making a difference. McAlester will always have a place in your heart. Time will pass, but memories last forever and always remember, Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo.

Have a Buffalo Day!