McAlester’s new city councilor-elect Travis Read says he’s ready to go to work on behalf of Ward 3.

Read won the Ward 3 election Tuesday night, defeating incumbent Steve Fairfield by a vote of 181 to 96. Read won the runoff election by 65 percent of the total votes cast.

Read, an inventory specialist at the McAlester Army Ammunitioin Plant, is set to be sworn into office in July. He attributed his victory to his campaign and the fact that he went door to door, visiting with as many Third Ward residents as he could.

Before the election, Read said the key to winning would be which candidate could get the most supporters to return to the polls for the runoff.

After the results were announced Tuesday night, Read said he had conducted a vigorous campaign.

“I kept working, knocking on doors,” Read said. “I went around and met the voters personally and talked to them. I think that’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time.”

He said he appreciated Fairfield’s service to the city.

The campaign for the Ward 3 council seat marked Read’s first run for political office.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do. I feel strongly about representing the folks of the Third Ward,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed talking with everybody I’ve visited with”

“I think the Third Ward has been the forgotten ward and I want to change that,” Read said.

“People gave me their trust and I hope I don’t let them down. It’s a job that I’m going to take seriously. I hope we can work together and get some things done.”

Read previously said his first priorities will be getting rid of condemned houses in Ward 3 and working with the other councilors on a new city budget.

Fairfield said he’s enjoyed representing Ward 3.

“I wish Travis the best of luck and I appreciate his willingness to serve,” Fairfield said.

Fairfield, who is the plant manager at Simonton Windows and a former president of the McAlester Economic Develpment Service Board, said he intends to remain involved in community activities after he leaves the council.

“I’ll just continue to volunteer and serve however I can to help McAlester become better for all of its citizens.”

Asked if he ran a different campaign in the runoff than he did in the primary, Fairfield said “I sent some really fine letters I thought would take care of it.”

Fairfield became the Ward 3 councilor late last year after the other city councilors appointed him to fill the vacancy left open by Michael Dawkins’ resignation. Dawkins resigned because he moved out of the ward.

Fairfield had been briefly ahead by a vote of 6-4 on Tuesday night when election officials announced the absentee ballot results.

However, Read went on to sweep all four McAlester precincts in Ward 3 to win the race.

He narrowly won Precinct 4, the Central Christian Church at 920 Central Ave., by a vote of 4-3.

Read also won Precinct 6, the Bessie Kelley residence at 1513 S. Fourth St., edging Fairfield by a vote of 63-60.

He pulled ahead by a much larger margin when the results were announced from Precinct 8, the Jefferson Elementary School at 501 S. C. St. Read won the precinct 75-16.

Read nailed the victory when results from Precinct 9, Barbara Duvall’s residence at 1510 E. Osage Ave., came into the election board office. He won the precinct by a vote of 146-85.

In the March 7 Primary Election which led to the Tuesday runoff, Fairfield received 201 votes, while Read had 192. A third candidate, Chris Fiedler, garnered 22 votes in the March election.

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