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Stephanie Giacomo, center, executive director of Pride In McAlester, attributed the organization’s success to the people putting work into it.

Pride in McAlester recently released its annual report detailing the organization’s activity during 2017-2018 as it works to promote cleaning the environment.

According to the organization’s annual report, PIM had 694 volunteers work 2,311 volunteer hours spanning 25 community improvement projects in 2017-2018.

Some of the projects include volunteer days, recycling center relocation, painting fire hydrants, the farmer’s market, and murals, recycling events, various planting events, trash pick-up events and more.

Executive Director Stephanie Giacomo attributed the organization’s success to the people putting work into it.

“I’m absolutely blessed to work with people that don’t care who’s job it is to get everything done, they just get it done,” Giacomo said.

The organization planted 67 trees, cleaned 15 miles along roadways, and properly disposed of 961,870 pounds of waste, the report states.

Giacomo said she wished the group breached the 1 million pounds threshold on properly disposing waste.

“I’d like to see that over a million but because it was really cold (during the winter event) it kept our numbers down,” Giacomo said.

Pride in McAlester is a non-profit organization affiliated with Keep America Beautiful and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. The organization began in 2008 as a citizens’ movement and now focuses on promoting a clean environment in the area.

The organization saw 26 new members in 2017-2018 and consisted of 22 individuals, 28 families, 23 lifetime, 24 businesses, eight nonprofit, five permanent partners, and two students.

Giacomo said volunteers work on projects with the group, while members actually register with the organization. Individual members can join for $20 annually, families for $30 per year, nonprofits for $50 per year, and corporate members for $100 annually. Lifetime memberships are available to individuals and families for $200, and businesses for $1,000. Students can also participate free of charge.

“I thought it was a successful year,” Giacomo said. “Our volunteers were able to get out and make our area more beautiful.”

According to the financial report, Pride In McAlester finished the fiscal year with a $15,742.94 net loss.

Giacomo said the organization received a $10,000 grant last year, the income of which appeared on last year’s financial report, while the expenses from the projects appeared on this year’s report.

The report states PIM also brought in $89,538.12 — more than $7,000 than anticipated — spent nearly $3,000 less than expected and received $19,423.55 in donations — nearly four times than anticipated.

Giacomo said the organization is ready for another year.

Upcoming events on the docket include Community Volunteer Day on Saturday Aug. 18 at Chadick Park, National Planting Day, Fresh Paint Days and more.

The organization will host its second free commercial electronics collection event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Aug.17, at the former National Guard Armory at 301 East Polk Ave.

PIM will collect old electronics from businesses, organizations and government agencies — but anything containing Freon will not be accepted.

For more information, contact Pride in McAlester by phone at 918-426-4444 or by email at pim@prideinmcalester.com.

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