One more week ‘til Halloween, Silver Shamrock.

It’s almost time for area ghouls and witches to stalk the streets of McAlester in search of bags full of candy.

Children will trick or treat in McAlester on Oct. 31 from 6 until 8 p.m.

Krebs resident James Pedigo is looking forward to spending the spooky holiday with his daughter, Ryleigh.

“Halloween is one of the coolest holidays because its seeped in so much history and mythology,” Pedigo said. “It’s fun for the kids because they get to dress up and get candy.”

Pedigo said he prefers to take his daughter trick or treating in the Green Meadows housing addition on Gene Stipe Boulevard.

“Everyone’s really nice and it’s well lit,” Pedigo said. “It’s a good neighborhood.”

Pedigo said Ryleigh is ready for the big night.

“Everyday she’s talking about how she’s going to be a pirate,” Pedigo said. “I’m going to teach her to say arrrrrrr!”

Green Meadows isn’t the only hot spot for ghosts and goblins. Redbud Lane and the surrounding area have traditionally been frequented by trick or treaters each year.

Shalena Trammell said she plans to take her sons to Redbud.

“We usually go over there because the houses are all lined up and they usually all have their lights on,” Trammell said.

“It makes it a lot easier, plus the people over there give out a lot of good candy.”

Trammell said the best part is watching her children as they go up to a door, bags ready.

“It’s fun watching them laugh and have fun,” she said.

But with all the fun, Officer Steve Nave, of the McAlester Police Department, said it’s important to remember safety comes first.

“Kids should make sure and stay with their families,” Nave said. “Here in town there will be lots of people moving around, and if they get lost they might be pretty hard to find.”

Nave said children should stick to basic safety precautions, such as wearing bright clothes, carrying flashlights and staying on the sidewalk.

“Always check your candy and make sure it’s not been tampered with,” Nave said.

Nave also offered a warning to would-be Halloween pranksters.

“Anybody caught doing any damage as far as vandalism goes, we will be watching,” Nave said. “They will be prosecuted.”

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