Sludge hauled away from a sewer lagoon in Krebs has caused some local residents concern.

Complaints range from roads believed to be damaged by heavy trucks to questions about the oversight of the sludge being removed.

Milford York lives in the area and had driven over the damaged roads. He also has concerns about the sludge being hauled in the trucks.

“They’ve been hauling dump trucks of mud up here on Hereford Lane,” he said. “They’ve torn up Krebs Lake Road.”

York also has concerns about what’s in the mud and sludge hauled from the sewer lagoon.

Asked about the matter, Krebs Mayor Donalee Boatright said the sludge had to be removed from a waste water lagoon at the Krebs waste water treatment plant.

It’s part of a $2.8 million to replace the facility with a new one, Boatright said.

He said the last load of the current project had been hauled out on Thursday.

“They won’t be hauling out no more,” Boatright said.

The Krebs mayor said the project had been approved by the state Department of Environmental Quality.

“They had to remove all that sludge out of there,” Boatright said. “It goes through a process approved by the DEQ. The Number 1 Lagoon has been completely emptied out.”

He acknowledged the project had caused some damage to roads.

“It’s messed up the roads,” Boatright said. “The contractor and the county commissioners have been looking at them,” he said. Part of the roads are in District 2 Commissioner Gene Rogers’ district and others are in District 1 Commissioner Randy Crone’s district, Boatright said.

Some of the damaged roads are in the process of being repaired, according to Boatright.

He said plans call for sludge to be hauled from another sewer lagoon at the site next year. The new waste water treatment plant should be operational in 2007, if not sooner, the mayor said.