Police investigate 'hit list' written by Savanna student

DERRICK JAMES | Staff photo

Savanna Public Schools sent an alert Thursday morning after law enforcement officers and school officials investigated a "hit list" allegedly written by a student.

Savanna Public Schools sent an alert Thursday morning regarding an incident that was investigated by school personnel and law enforcement officers.

The 17-second voice-recorded alert from principal Brad Kellogg stated: “Yesterday, after school, we received a report that a student had a hit list of names. We immediately called the police. They investigated with our assistance, and appropriate action has been taken. At no time was anyone in danger.”

According to Savanna Public Schools Superintendent Gary Reeder, the school was informed of a student that allegedly wrote a “hit list” Wednesday afternoon after school was out.

“We called the police immediately and they came over and we investigated,” Reeder said. He added that another student saw the “hit list" and then informed school officials.

Reeder said officers from the Savanna Police Department identified which student allegedly compiled the written list before officers went to the student’s home and investigated further.

Savanna Police Chief David Spears said Thursday afternoon that his office was taking statements and processing all of the information.

“Once the investigation is complete, it will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office, and any charges will be up to juvenile services and the DA’s office,” Spears said.

The superintendent said the investigation continued Thursday morning.

“(We) determined there was a hit list, per se," Reeder said. "We took appropriate action on the advice of our legal people and we did send a message out."

The alert was sent via school messenger at 10:44 a.m. Thursday morning.

“At no time did we feel like anyone was in danger,” Reeder said.

Spears reaffirmed that there was no immediate threat to the students but did say his officers will be keeping a closer eye on the school.

“To be cautious, we are increasing our vigilance around the school.” Spears said.

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