Kathy Mordecai joined about 15 supporters who carried signs beneath a sweltering sun outside the Pittsburg County Courthouse on Friday.

She also upped the stakes in her battle to have District 18 District Attorney Jim Bob Miller recuse, or withdraw, from having anything to do with the results of an investigation into the Aug. 3 shooting death of her son, Ty Mordecai.

While some Mordecai supporters held signs, others walked up to a sidewalk table containing three different petitions.

One petition calls for Miller to immediately recuse himself and his office from anything to do with the Ty Mordecai case.

Another petition requests a grand jury investigation.

A third petition seeks to have a recall election for the district attorney’s office currently held by Miller.

As a car passed by and the driver honked in support, Mordecai waved. She said she appreciated the people who joined her for the protest.

“It’s hard,” she said. “People’s got to work.” Still, she said the support shows “People agree with me.”

Mordecai is upset that there have been no arrests in the shooting death of her son, although authorities have said they know who the shooter is.

She says she’s also upset that Miller has not recused himself from having anything to do with the matter, since the prosecutor has acknowledged that he, along with some others, once went on a hunting trip to Colorado with the man she says shot her son.

Kathy Mordecai has mentioned that an argument of self-defense may be raised in the shooting death of her son, but she dismisses it.

She said her son had no weapon on the night he was shot.

Meanwhile, Miller said Friday he doesn’t understand what the protest is about.

“A district attorney cannot file a charge unless there is an affidavit of probable cause signed under oath by a law enforcement officer saying that the officer believes he has evidence showing this person committed the crime,” Miller said.

“I have no report.

“I have no probable cause affidavit.”

Investigators have virtually completed their probe into the shooting. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is currently in the process of writing a detailed investigative report to deliver to Miller’s office.

Law enforcement officers have said they have verified that Ty Mordecai was shot on the shooter’s property.

In addition to the shooting, investigators from the OSBI and the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department have conducted a probe into the series of events that led up to it.

Law enforcement officers have declined to release the name of the shooter, since no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

Miller said he must wait until he receives the official investigative report from the OSBI before taking any action.

“The OSBI is doing a great job; they’re doing their job” Miller said. “It’s ridiculous that people are out protesting when there’s no report to go on.

“If the DA could file charges because he wants to — do we want to live in a world like that?”

Miller maintained the matter is being treated like any other.

“I get out-of-custody reports every day, a report where nobody’s been arrested and the crime may have occurred two months ago,” Miller said.

“There’s nothing unusual in a shooting case where the OSBI wants to take their time,” Miller said.

The prosecutor said he had no input on the decision not to arrest the shooter on the night when the shooting occurred.

“If law enforcement officials felt they had probable cause to make an arrest, they would have done so.”

“There is misinformation that I told them not to arrest him,” Miller said. “I didn’t know anything about it until the next day.”

He believes investigators are rightfully taking the time they need to conduct a proper investigation and write a detailed report.

“They will do their job,” Miller said. “I will do what my job requires me to do.”

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