Her bond is now less than a third of what it was, but she’s still behind bars.

Brandy Cacy, 22, remained in the Pittsburg County Jail Saturday morning, even though her bond has been drastically reduced.

Cacy’s bond was lowered Monday from $250,000 to $75,000 following a court hearing.

The Hartshorne woman is charged with two felony counts of child abuse by injury and two counts of child neglect.

Her boyfriend, 28-year-old Wesley Kibart, is charged with two counts of enabling child abuse by injury and two counts of enabling child neglect.

He is free on $35,000 bond. His bond had also been reduced from $250,000 Monday by Special Judge Donnitta Wynn.

Prosecutors objected to the bond reductions.

Each of the crimes with which Cacy and Kibart are charged is punishable by up to life imprisonment, a fine of $500 to $5,000 or both.

The charges stem from an investigation that began in Woodward, after Cacy’s mother picked up Cacy’s two children from the family’s Hartshorne home.

Dora Cacy had traveled to visit her grandchildren on June 9, according to an affidavit filed in the case. When she noticed bruising on the children, Brandy allegedly told her that the 13-month-old boy “likes to beat his head on the wall.”

When Dora went to pick the children up the next day, she found they were locked in their room by an electrical cord tied around the room’s door handle, the affidavit states. After Dora found additional bruises on the two boys, she took them to her home in Woodward and, eventually, to the emergency room at the hospital.

“A pediatrician notified DHS up here,” Dora recalled. “They contacted the Woodward Police Department and got the whole thing started.”

The youngest of Brandy Cacy’s two children had bruises and bite marks over about two-thirds of his body, as well as a large sore in the form of a ring on his neck, officials said.

“The pictures are gruesome,” said Jack Haggard, a former assistant district attorney in Haskell County. “It’s the worst case of physical child abuse I’ve seen.”

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